Greatest Bits 2017

AudioStream's Greatest Bits 2017 represents those products that received our Greatest Bits award to date.

Digital to Analog Converts Class A

exaSound Audio Design e32 DAC ($3499)
The exaSound Audio Design e32 DAC is built around the new ES9028PRO Sabre32 reference DAC chip that, along with other design features, has resulted in an excellent sounding DAC. Custom ASIO drivers for OSX and Windows allows the e32 to play DSD256 flawlessly. Read the Full Review

Media Server Reviews Class A

PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player ($5999)
The PS Audio DirectStream memory Player was found to be a first-class disc player that could handle multiple formats. When used with the I2S through HDMI outputs and connected to a PS Audio DAC, CD and SACD sound quality were found to be outstanding. Read the Full Review

Sound Galleries SGM 2015 Music Server ($16,000)
The Sound Galleries SGM 2015 Music Server elevated the sound of music through my system to heretofore unimagined highs. Read the Full Review