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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Sep 28, 2016 0 comments

Alan Turing created his computer music making machine at the Computing Machine Laboratory in Manchester, England. In 1951, a group of BBC broadcasters arrived to hear a music recital of computer-generated music generated by Turing's music machine. A recording of this event was saved to 12-inch acetate disc and scientists have recently done some digital housekeeping, bringing the tunes back up to correct speed (Auto-Tune?) while dusting off some noise.

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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Sep 27, 2016 12 comments
The leaves are turning once again in time with the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, CO which "features Mountains of Sound from the Affordable to the Absurd'". Next week, from Friday to Sunday, packs of audiophiles will descend on the Denver Marriott Tech Center in search of the affordable and the absurd? How about plain old fun.
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Sep 14, 2016 25 comments
look ma, no 3.5mm headphone jack

While this isn't really AudioStream news, and Tyll over on InnerFidlity has this more than covered, I thought I'd add a word or two on Apple's headphone-jackless new iPhone; dongle, dongles.

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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Sep 06, 2016 14 comments
Mark Wilder

Battery Studios is home to master mastering engineer and three-time Grammy winner Mark Wilder so it was with great pleasure to reply in the affirmative to Sony's invitation to hear about and hear their new Signature Series components. There are four products in the Signature line—MDR-Z1R headphones, NW-WM1Z and N!-WM1A Walkman players, and the TA-ZH1ES headphone amplifier—and we were treated to a listen and learn session which included presentations by Sony Acoustic Engineer Shunsuke Shiomi and Mark Wilder.

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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Aug 11, 2016 41 comments
Stereophile has just published "MQA: Questions and Answers" authored by J. Robert Stuart, the co-creator of MQA. I consider this essential reading, and I'm not even done reading it!, for anyone interested in learning.
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Aug 10, 2016 11 comments
photo credit: Scott Clark for Crate and Barrel

It took a while for this news to sink into someplace comfy and cozy but it finally has:

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/-- Leading home furnishings destination Crate and Barrel introduces The Listening Room, featuring exclusive furniture and accessories, cutting edge audio equipment and a curated collection of iconic vinyl recordings through the brand's new partnership with Capitol Records. Celebrating music as it was meant to be heard, The Listening Room is the perfect setting to enjoy the Capitol Records 75th Anniversary Collection, a limited release of 75 remastered vinyl recordings. The Listening Room collection will be offered in U.S. stores and online starting this September.
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Jul 19, 2016 22 comments
From the (crazy) horse's mouth:
We have some news that we want to share with you.

One of our key infrastructure partners - Omnifone - has been acquired by a large company. An impact of this purchase is that all Omnifone’s supply relationships are being terminated, effectively immediately. Omnifone has been the exclusive content provider for PonoMusic. Consequently, our music library will be temporarily suspended for purchases effective July 20th . Please rest assured that our contractual relationships with all the major music labels remain fully intact and will transition to our new platform.

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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Jul 19, 2016 16 comments
But if you want their CD-quality streaming service, Deezer Elite, you can only get it through Sonos (sigh). So what are we getting from Deezer? Another $9.99/mo. 320kbps lossy streaming service (there's no free tier for US customers).
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Jul 12, 2016 19 comments
According to Nielsen Soundscan's 2016 numbers through June, total music download sales were $404.9 million, down from $531.6 in 2015. This plunge follows drops of 16% and 6.6% in 2015 and '14 respectively. Of course, streaming is booming.
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Jul 03, 2016 1 comments
According to Ben Sisario of The New York Times, Apple is not buying Tidal. Seeing as Sisario covers streaming, and more, for the Times, I'd imagine his highly-placed sources are, well, highly placed. Time will tell.
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Jul 01, 2016 26 comments
Not yet, but they are reportedly talking about it according to the Wall Street Journal and anonymous sources "familiar with the matter." Here's my take—this is either really good news or really bad news.