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Welcome to the eighth episode of the AudioStream Podcast and host Brian Hunter brings you a special guest: Ted Smith of PS Audio.
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Sunday in Chicago was hit hard by a snowstorm that backed up airports and cancelled flights for many of the AXPONA press and out-of-towners. 
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Choices have to be made at every price point of DAC design. The majority of budget DACs have to leave off fancy screens or pair down the casework in order to clear the hurdles necessary to turn a profit for the companies who have invested in the manufacturing.
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ATC has really dug out their niche within the pro community. When asked on a recent hi-fi panel I attended at Capital Studios in Los Angeles, two out of the four self-proclaimed audiophile recording engineers confessed to ATC endpoints in their home stereos.
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Paul McGowan has been shepherding the good folks at PS Audio for quite a few years now. A long-time audio designer, he takes his role of industry icon pretty seriously. A constant presence on YouTube (and other online sources), his question and answer format to all things audiophile provides an access point to his deep well of knowledge for both laymen and hardcore enthusiast alike.
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There are horror stories of every type that occasionally trickle out in casual conversation at audio shows. A funky room can be difficult to manage for sonics on the fly, whereas a crushed speaker in transit can be deadly.
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Although I was nearly perpetually engaged in interviews for upcoming AudioStream podcasts for most of the first day, I did manage to poke my head into a few interesting rooms along the 16th and 15th floors of AXPONA’s Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Centre.
Brian Hunter  |  Mar 28, 2019  |  1 comments
Welcome to the seventh episode of the AudioStream Podcast and host Brian Hunter brings you industry icon Peter Madnick. Madnick’s history with digital audio reaches back to some of the earliest incarnations of the external DAC. Along with extensive experience designing everything from amplifiers to turntables, his prolific handiwork has been behind many of hi-fi's successful components
Brian Hunter  |  Feb 28, 2019  |  2 comments
Welcome to the sixth episode of the AudioStream Podcast and host Brian Hunter brings you Rob Darling of Roon Labs. Darling has made his way from the production end of music all the way to the heavyweight audiophile streaming-software company Roon. His time in the studio helped hone his digital skillset which he now wields as a rich tapestry along with a keen sense of listening. In our interview Darling walks us through the new digital lifestyle of high-end audio, tuning-in to the current touchstones of the hobby with a critical ear and discusses what the future holds for Roon Labs.
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EJ Sarmento has been steering the Wyred4Sound ship since the beginning, but his history designing audio products goes back much further than that. Listen as host Brian Hunter dives deep into Sarmento's background and also discusses the future of hifi.