Rafe Arnott

Rafe Arnott  |  Jun 22, 2018  |  4 comments
The music chosen by Anderson to help populate his films is like a rich, delicious ramen in a cozy noodle shop full of smiling staff, lustrous woods and the coziest of curiously-patterned seat cushions.
Rafe Arnott  |  Jun 15, 2018  |  38 comments
Some prefer to pair their whisky with food and while I am a fan of that, a good whisky with outstanding high-fidelity gear is a pairing I often prefer.
Rafe Arnott  |  Jun 13, 2018  |  4 comments
I just wanted to let readers know that there is some cool gear winging its way to the house for review.
Rafe Arnott  |  Jun 11, 2018  |  7 comments
Initial listening impressions of the PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC/pre and Stellar Mono Blocks.
Rafe Arnott  |  Jun 08, 2018  |  4 comments
1954. Mamie Eisenhower launches the first nuclear-powered submarine. Guitarist Steve Tibbetts is born is born in Madison, Wisc.
Rafe Arnott  |  Jun 05, 2018  |  18 comments
Full disclosure. I get a lot of press releases.
Rafe Arnott  |  Jun 03, 2018  |  21 comments
I had calls to make, people to connect with about helping me shape coverage here. Really cool people.
Rafe Arnott  |  May 28, 2018  |  31 comments
Mental linkages in music through visual stimulation
Rafe Arnott  |  May 22, 2018  |  29 comments
A literal look at where I'm coming from.
Rafe Arnott  |  May 18, 2018  |  21 comments
Easing into the ones & zeros with Rafe Arnott