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 |  Nov 30, 2017
I first covered CES for AudioStream back in 2012 and wrote, "From the first minute I hit the Venetian's crowded elevator bank to the last, I could not help feeling behind. There's no way one person can cover everything at CES and T.H.E. Show unless their area of coverage is defined to include only those companies whose name begins and ends with an X." Looking at the current Exhibitor list, I could cover everything at CES 2018 in an afternoon.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Nov 22, 2017

I've been rather selective about the views shown of the barn because, well, it was filled with stuff (i.e. unseemly). Since that's no longer the case, I'm happy to share this panoramic view (there's still work to be done but isn't that always the case?).

Michael Lavorgna  |  Nov 09, 2017
Vanatoo Transparent Zero Active Speakers ($359.00/pair)
Michael Lavorgna  |  Nov 02, 2017
...or is it Boris?
Michael Lavorgna  |  Oct 25, 2017
While there were some great guesses, no one hit the nail on the head...
Michael Lavorgna  |  Oct 25, 2017
TAD Evolution Series D1000MK2 DISC PLAYER BLACK EDITION ($14,995).
Michael Lavorgna  |  Oct 24, 2017
"What's he building in there? What's he building in there? He has subscriptions to those Magazines"—Tom Waits
Michael Lavorgna  |  Oct 10, 2017
Thanks to Mr. Weird New Pop, Stephen Mejias, for this heads up—you can stream the new Circuit Des Yeux album Reaching For Indigo for free for the next 9 days. Let Haley Fohr's exotic eeriness act as the soundtrack to our show report!
Michael Lavorgna  |  Oct 04, 2017
If someone tells you that you need to take a test, any kind of test, before buying a piece of hi-fi gear, they are wrong. Listening to music is fun and we all know how to have fun.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Sep 28, 2017
I've read some interesting comments from people who are convinced they can tell what a room sounds like from a YouTube video and/or a photo. So let's see if they're right. Can you pick which photo of my listening room sounds better?
Michael Lavorgna  |  Sep 19, 2017
The famed German Director has released a feature-length film about hi-fi forums. Here's the trailer:
Michael Lavorgna  |  Sep 01, 2017
Our resident Director of all things video, Jana Dagdagan, and a few friends were over for some listening fun and to shoot my reviewer profile for Stereophile. After Jana's crafty editing work, it's ready.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Aug 29, 2017
While there are a number of updates and bug fixes in the new Roon build, there's one update that makes me very, very happy.