Zu Audio

Leave it up to Zu Audio to throw a healthy curve ball directly at the traditional computer audio setup (not that there is one, but you'll see what I mean). Sean Casey, the ever-exuberant host and spinner and server of music I actually want to run out and buy as opposed to run away from, was playing music files from his Mac Pro and a modified Technics SL-1200 turntable both connected to a Rane MP4 which was connected to the new Kronzilla SXI single-ended 50W integrated amp driving the new Zu Definition Mk IV. Sean could seamlessly spin from Mac Pro to LP and back again. "This is how your kids might do it." Sean said. And I said something I've been saying a lot lately, "Our kids interface with technology like there's no interface."

The new Zu Definition Mk IVs ($12,500/pair) sounded huge and pumped so much musical energy into the room the good vibrations carried all the way into the couch I was sitting on. A musical massage and a nice reminder that this is all about music which all about having fun.