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Thanks for the article, I wonder if you have trying Rossini directly connected to amp and bypasding pre?

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If you read this review on the McIntosh MC611 I wrote last week, I get into how I tried several DACs directly hooked up to my mono blocks and via the preamplifier and found I preferred all the DACs through the C2600 pre.




dCS DeBussy to dCS Rossini: A comparison review of two DACs

Whether a marketing stroke of genius, or merely as an honest statement of intent in their naming conventions, choosing 18th and 19th century composers’ names to represent their hi-fi efforts is appropriate for the sound capabilities of the dCS DACs I currently have on loan.

AXPONA announces that spring schedule shall remain

AXPONA organizers: "First, please know AXPONA will not be moving to the fall dates as stated last week but will remain in April for 2020 and beyond."

Download of the Week: DJ Kicks: Kruder & Dorfmeister

This duo has been a go-to staple of mine for chill-out listening sessions and critical review use alike because all their LPs are filthy with dense vocal, synth, drum machine and instrument layering.

YG Acoustics Hailey event hosted at Hi-fi Centre

Being able to hop in a car, or a jump into a cab and in 10 minutes be at a bricks & mortar high-fidelity store of substantial selection and really personalized service is an experience that is becoming more rare.

AXPONA shifts to fall show schedule for 2020 and beyond

It looks like the massive success and impact of High End at Munich is taking control of the spring high-fidelity trade show schedule in North America as the Audio Expo of North America (AXPONA) just announced that the while the venue will remain at its brand new digs in the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Centre Hotel, it will be moving from its usual mid-April dates to late October/early November ones.

McIntosh MC611 Quad Balanced Power Amplifier Review Page 3

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Yes, Mac Labs makes great equipment.

Yes, they have never stopped making their gear to the epitome of hi-fi construction standards.

Yes, their kit is beautiful, functional and enviable.

Yes, they are not even closest to the top end of the spectrum in their price class and their solid state offerings are usually close to state of the art.

And, yes, while other hi-end brands have stumbled and failed, they have kept doing what they have always done without faltering.

A review of an amp this expensive, though, requires more scrutiny than the standard "Sounds great to me" review. I don't doubt that this amp sounds great, but is it best in the world or just near it.

I'd love to see how this performs on JA's test bench. I would expect it to perform very well, but will it be better than Benchmark or Devialet?

Also, given my experience with KEF LS50's and multiple Rythmik servo subs, I'm not of the school that your speakers have to be giant coffins that weigh 300lbs. and need 600 watts to power them to get world class sound.

This amp is for people that buy into the old paradigm. If you want to understand why hi-end hi-fi is where it is in the market place (shrinking), mono blocks that run $15K a pair (or much more) that aren't the best in the world are the reason as well as $43K CD players and ridiculous equipment of that ilk.

If McIntosh made a 100-150 watt stereo amp that had distortion that was incredibly hard to measure, a noise floor of less than 130dB, it cost less than $4K and it had those killer Watt meters on the front, dam, I'm buying that.

For now, I'm really happy with my Benchmark AHB2.

I do, though, love those meters and have ever since I was a kid buying my first stereo in 1975.



McIntosh MC611 Quad Balanced Power Amplifier Review Page 2

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You bought the review sample from McIntosh? Am noticing a trend that reviewers are buying Mc gear.

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After living with the 611s, they proved themselves to be exactly what I need moving forward.
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Thank you for nice long review. Nowadays some reviews are written after couple of hours of listening in dealer showrooms. It is good that somebody still does the true reviews. Good job

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For the kind words Mentt, it was my hope to do as thorough and in-depth of a review as I was capable of.

Having enough proper gear and cabling on hand helps tremendously because then I'm able to give readers a very clear, wide-ranging comparison of what each review product is capable of.

Lots more to come!

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Indeed a nice in depth review. Thanks. Writing reviews myself i know how much work goes into them. Learning a lot from this one.

Best regards

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Thanks for taking the time to thank me for the work that went into this review. It's truly appreciated.
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Keep them coming like this.

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I'll keep rolling them out. Very happy you enjoyed it.
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Great review. Interview with McIntosh CEO was very informative. Enjoy the work you have done Rafe.

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Amazing review. I keep coming back to check for more ! big ups

ps i wanna use this as a guitar amp :}}}}}


McIntosh MC611 Quad Balanced Power Amplifier Review

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