Michael Lavorgna  |  Dec 16, 2015
For me, the entire high-rez "debate" is of little interest. The fact of the matter is I own and enjoy high-res recordings so from that perspective, which is the one I value most, reading or listening to people going on about how they didn't hear a difference or how I can't hear a difference is irrelevant. From a purely theoretical basis, we've seen a number of tests and blog posts that "prove" high-rez audio is a waste of time and money, but when tests and blog posts don't match reality, I file those tests and blog posts under "A" for Agenda or "IF" for If It Was Only That Simple.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Dec 16, 2015
Good News! Qobuz was put in receivership last month and given until November 16th to find an investor or shut down. That deadline was extended due to offers put on the table and things have shaken out to reveal two potential buyers with two real offers. The Commercial Court in Paris will make its final decision regarding these offers on December 29th, and if all goes well, Qobuz will come out alive and well. Here's Qobuz:
Michael Lavorgna  |  Dec 14, 2015
Some recordings sound canned, the artifacts of production and the recording process call attention to themselves so it takes more work to listen to them. Some popular recordings are even produced in a way that they sound better in your car than on your home stereo (for an example of production that I think detracts, listen to Hozier's album compared to the live NPR mini concert). The Lovely Recordings I've selected, while not audiophile demos, have both musical content I love and sound quality that helps you get into the music. They all sound more real and let you hear further into the mix, especially with better playback systems. These aren't exactly obscure recordings but I feel they should be better known than they are. Doing this, I developed a new appreciation for those who write about music—it's hard.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Dec 11, 2015
It has admittedly taken me time to warm to Kurt Vile. With his latest record, b’lieve i’m goin down, (Matador) we're cookin'. We may as well be cousins.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Dec 10, 2015
Thanks to reader Stephen D. for the heads up on this oh-so-interesting news:
Introducing Hi-Res audio support
Close your eyes and imagine the musician is playing in the room. Today we’re rolling out high-resolution audio support, which gives you even higher quality music playback using Chromecast Audio. With support of up to 96KHz/24bit lossless audio playback, you can enjoy higher-than-CD-quality audio on your existing high fidelity audio equipment.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Dec 10, 2015
Getting A NOS DAC
Let's agree up front that many Non-Oversampling (NOS) DACs do not perform well under certain test parameters. Aperture effect, which amounts to less than linear frequency response at the extremes, and less than ideal jitter performance (as typically measured) being the more egregious problems, on paper. We have to ask ourselves, why would anyone bother making a NOS DAC? The answer is some people really enjoy the way they sound.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Dec 09, 2015
As you probably know, I post a Download Of The Week every Friday. What you may not know is this is one of my favorite features on AudioStream because it's the reason we're here—music. I always enjoy reading other "Best of..." music lists so I thought I'd put one together. Here we have nearly all of 2015's DotW picks in one easy container. I've left out older recordings, I did cheat a few times, so what we're looking at and listening to are (mainly) my top picks for new music in 2015. Enjoy!
Michael Lavorgna  |  Dec 08, 2015
Some people dismiss power products in hi-fi out of hand. One argument I've heard suggests that it's just plain silly to stick an expensive power cable at the end of a long line of cheap power delivery. Shunyata has just offered up a press release and short video that help dispel that myth while also offering measured proof of their power products efficacy.
jon iverson  |  Dec 07, 2015
Register to win a pair of Aiaiai Studio Modular Headphone Preset headphones ($225.00 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

"AIAIAI boasts a world-renowned network of industrial designers, audio technicians and DJs as part of its unique and highly collaborative development process. Exploratory and experimental, the process enables AIAIAI to develop new products on the leading edge, independent of current market trends."

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Michael Lavorgna  |  Dec 07, 2015
Well thank you for helping me from a digital nothing to finding so much in the streaming word through Tidal. I'm setting up my first hard drive sourced digital music system thanks primarily to your site and help from others. I've been listening to music primarily on vinyl for most of my 50 years so I thought I would share some of the music that moves me with your readers.