Michael Lavorgna  |  Apr 01, 2016
Big, bold, and passion-full. I was on a Dawn Upshaw jag, The Girl with Orange Lips and more to our point Golijov: Ayre / Berio: Folk Songs, and I wondered—who is this Golijov guy? One doesn't have to wonder long these days, and I found myself listening to La Pasión según San Marcos on Tidal within minutes. To say that the first few minutes flopped my musical mind around like a boated flounder is no exaggeration.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Mar 31, 2016
Fit For Audiophiles?
I've seen this question posed and discussed about any number of things including the Auralic Aries Mini and I always think; this is what's wrong with some of the thinking in our hobby.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Mar 30, 2016
photo credits: SOtM

From the press release:

The iSO-CAT6 Special Edition that newly combined with dCBL-CAT7 cable is configured with 3 kinds of network cables offering respectively different sound characteristics with high quality, which allows the user organize own unique customized audio system selecting bright & pompous tone, neutral, mild & comfortable tone.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Mar 30, 2016
What's more, and most interesting (and I have to admit a little unexpected), is there are 1.35 million Tidal HiFi subscribers (that's the $19.99/mo CD quality service)! That's a lot of people caring about quality and that's great news. For a change.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Mar 29, 2016
Editor's Note: iFi submitted the following technical paper in response to Steve Plaskin's review of the iFi Audio micro - iUSB 3.0 (see review). I've elected to publish it separately since it stands on its own and is well worth highlighting.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Mar 28, 2016
This is difficult. I'm a rambler, so writing something brief and focused, well, it's not a strength. I could list tens (hundreds?) of records that had an impact on me...this would be boring for you. I like stories. This is one thing I love about music - our appreciation deepens with context - at least for me it does.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Mar 25, 2016
Winterpills stepped out of their home studio and into Justin Pizzoferrato's Sonelab for Love Songs their new release of original songs. My ears, heart, and mind are happy they did as Love Songs sounds sonically richer and more exploratory than their previous albums, all of which I've enjoyed. A lot.
Steven Plaskin  |  Mar 24, 2016
USB audio has become the most popular standard for computer audiophile DACs in recent years. Although most manufacturers have added circuits for isolation of computer noise as well as other methods of dealing with the shortcomings of USB audio, a number of innovative designers have come forward with accessories that they feel improve the audio performance of USB DACs. Gordon Rankin, John Swenson, and Thorsten Loesch are some of the best known designers to address the issues that degrade the performance of USB audio.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Mar 23, 2016
...says Captain Obvious. It's also the present for most, according to the latest report from the Recording Institute of America (RIAA). Streaming revenue hit the $2.4 billion mark last year, up from $1.9 billion the year prior. CD sales are sliding but still strong at $1.5 billion, and vinyl sales continue to grow reaching $422 million in 2015. 1
Michael Lavorgna  |  Mar 22, 2016
The field of Sonification turns data into sound. From the fascinating article in The Economist titled, "Sonification: Now hear this":
"...scientists still rely on their eyes and algorithms to spot interesting phenomena. That looks set to change as more scientists, engineers and even designers and artists look to exploit better what the seismologists and Voyager scientists knew decades ago: sound can be the key to scientific discovery."
Why listen and not look?