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If you ask me “What sort of music do you like?” I’m faced with one of those ineffable conundrums that would come with a long pause before I answered, a sharp intake of breath, perhaps an aversion from your direct gaze--what we have here in this simple question is not an affirmation of taste per se but a moral equivalency toward “taste.” “What sort of music don’t you like?” might be the better question. Why do I feel physically ill whenever I hear a live bootleg of a Grateful Dead concert, or come away traumatized when subjected to most modern country? Why do I generally feel a sense of emptiness when I hear most classical jazz made in the last 35 years? Or, why do I go through long periods of wanting Chopin etudes and nothing else? Why does 95% of music described as “ambient” make me feel irritated and so thankful when I finally hit pause? And why does 95% of Vaporwave or Shoegaze so rarely move me? Ditto with what is called Folk or most variations of Metal? What is it about the 5% that transcends this mystery of banality and somehow manages to move me to recognize it as something unique and worthy of repeated listens? The easy answer is that I like all forms of music, but it has to move me in some way, actually alter my brainwaves--to elicit a response wherein I give back a part of myself, or open up a part of myself I never knew existed, that absolute sense of joy at recognizing that something wholly new has been born into the world, or that someone has taken a traditional form and somehow made it all their own. As Elvis said on The Sun Sessions: “Let’s get real, real gone.”
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Imagine your uncle Bob comes over unannounced and before he rings the bell, your doorbell rings. That's not right. That's not natural. Thankfully, the Stellar Gain Cell DAC/Preamp comes with your choice of three filters which, among other things, offer differences in ringing; Filter 1 is a Slow Roll-Off Linear Phase filter which offers the least amount of ringing. Filter 2 provides better high-frequency response but its Fast Roll-off Minimum Phase filter lets in some post-ringing. Filter 3 is Bob's your uncle.
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iFi micro iDSD Black Label DAC Headamp($540.00).
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Lovely Piano Recordings
If I were to pick a favorite instrument it would likely be piano. I can never get enough of it. I listen when I when I want to think. I listen when I don't want to think. I listen when I want to listen. The recordings here are perhaps the crème de la crème of my classical piano collection.
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It begins with a blast of Isaac Hayes.
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The place where I buy music over every other, Bandcamp posted another record-breaking year. In The Bandcamp 2017 Year in Review, the music download site recorded "double digit growth in every aspect of the business." Hip hip hooray!
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I was reading John Darko's excellent review of the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond USB cable and I thought, Hmm. I never let Geoff Merrigan, Tellurium Q Director, know how much I've been enjoying his cables. I rectified this by sending Geoff an email letting him know how much I've been enjoying his cables (I own USB, AES, XLR, RCA, and speaker cable from the Black line).
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a friend, Steve Mishoe of In Living Stereo, told me I had to listen to the Audeze LCDi4 ($2495) in-ear planar headphones, paired with the Chord Mojo, because they are f*&king awesome. So I did and they are

I enjoy attending CanJam even though this is mainly the land of Tyll and InnerFidelity. I say mainly because, while CanJam is filled with 'phones, it's also, by necessity, filled with DACs. But that's not the reason I enjoy attending CanJam.

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I've been an audio fool for close to twenty years now, and I gravitate to SET's and high efficiency speaker systems. Currently I am using a rebuilt Lenco table, a Schiit Gungnir DAC, Shindo Masseto preamp, and Shindo Cortese amp. I am between speakers, but looking for the perfect pair.