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The Naim Uniti Star ($5,495), coming this June, "is the star of the show" because it can "play, rip, store, and serve" and stream via Ethernet or WiFi while putting out 70 Watts of Class A/B power. The only part of the following "Features" graphic that makes me cringe is "UPnP":
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MSB's The Reference DAC ($39,500), the little brother to the Select DAC, made its world premier at Munich High End 2017. The Reference sports four Hybrid DAC modules as compared to the Select's eight, and like its big brother the Reference is a modular design; "DAC modules, clock, input and output modules are all user-replaceable."
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Xuanqian Wang

All new, all Auralic!

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Think of the Hegel H90 ($2000) as the little brother to Röst (which I liked). The H90 is a 60 Watter (into 8 ohms) and includes all of the digital niceties of the Röst (Ethernet, USB DAC, Coax S/PDIF, and 3x Toslink in) while keeping Hegel's SoundEngine tech as found in its bigger brother.
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Pictured above is the Innuos Zen Mini Mk.II XL music server ($1299 w/1TB HDD standard, 2TB HDD available). The fanless Mini can function as network attached storage, CD ripper, and streamer running on "innuOS" (Linux variant). A quad-core Intel CPU with 2GB RAM handles the processing and all of the Zen MKII music servers run Roon Core and offer USB out.
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I like Ayre Acoustics. I own their AX-5 Twenty integrated amplifier, have met and interviewed Charley Hansen, and enjoyed their QB-9 DSD DAC and QX-5 Twenty Digital Hub. So it is with great pleasure and anticipation that I share the forthcoming Ayes AX-8 Integrated Amplifier ($TBD but think a double digit % decrease from the AX-5 twenty).
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Hohner Fabrikat

Let's take a walk around Munich High End and see what we can see...

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Play & Display LP frames from Art Vinyl: intelligently designed frames for your records.
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The Mytek CLEF ('tentatively priced' at $299) is a portable MQA-ready 32bit/384kHz PCM/DSD128 DAC Bluetooth-enabled headphone amplifier. The company claims 120dB dynamic range and 2.2 VRMS output with a 1.0 Ohm output impedance. But wait, there's more...