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Eastern Westphalia, Germany-based T+A has been around for more than 30 years but for some reason they feel like news. It sure seems as if they deserve a higher profile here in the USA when you look at their extensive lineup of what appear to be handsome well-made products. I'll be taking a closer look and listen in the near future.
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MSB Technology had a roomful of computer audio delights and I easily could have spent the better part of a day and then some getting the full low down on the technology incorporated in any single piece (or part of a piece). I happened to hit the MSB room while Stereophile's Jon Iverson was there (Jon covered "digital audio" for Stereophile which these days pretty much translates into computer audio or vice versa) so we shared in a lively introduction to MSB's products.
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Wadia has been calling their DACs "Computers" since 1988 when they released their 2000 Decoding Computer putting them well ahead of our curve. The new 121Decoding Computer ($1,499) is a DAC/digital preamp that offers Asynchronous USB, AES/EBU (XLR), Coax (RCA & BNC), Toslink, and up to 24-bit/192kHz on all of those inputs. There are pairs of balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs as well as a headphone output stage and aluminum IR remote. Wadia includes their Windows drivers on a thumb drive which is a nice touch (they're also available via download from the Wadia website).
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DSPeaker was showing a prototype of their Anti-Mode 2.0 (projected price $1,200) that sits between your amp and preamp and offers room correction, parametric EQ, digitally controlled differential analog volume control, remote control and a USB DAC (sorry no corkscrew). Inputs consist of a pair of balanced XLRs, RCAs, Toslink, USB, and outputs incude the same pairs of XLR/RCAs, Toslink and the DSPeaker datalink connector.
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Jon Iverson (left) and Stephen Mejias of Stereophile in the first and last milk shake show down (it was a tie)

Our best laid plans were laid to waste by the piss-poor Internet service provided by Harrah's hotel in Las Vegas. Some days and nights there was simply no service available and at best connection speed was fair to middling turning a typical 10-15 minute task into an hour-long ordeal. All that to say that I will continue to post my show coverage into tomorrow and realize that this is less than ideal and I'm deeply disappointed that I was unable to provide this content in a more timely manner. And yes, I'll admit that I'm taking time out today to watch some football and root for the NY Giants.

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Pathos Acoustics was showing off their super slickly styled and touch screen endowed Musiteca music server/DAC ($7,000). The Musiteca uses a proprietary software interface, 21" touch screen, and includes a built-in CD drive for ripping, 1 TB hard drive, the same tube DAC that resides in their Pathos Endorphin CD player, USB input for importing music files from hard drive, and an Ethernet LAN connection for downloading track info and cover art.
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Audio Research was showing a prototype of their upcoming Reference DAC Digital Media Bridge ($14,000 - $15,000). Using the same tube analog stage and power supply as the Reference 5 SE Line-Stage Preamplifier and building on the Reference DAC 8, the DAC Media Bridge adds Wired and Wireless Ethernet (802.11b/g/n) capabilities, UPnP/DLNA compliance, vTuner Radio, and six inputs including AES/EBU, S/PDIF (Coax and Toslink), and three USB 2.0 for connecting your computer, iOS device and thumb drive. Theres also a 3.5" TFT display and while there's no reference in the literature to an iOS or Android app, let's hope for the best.
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Those looking for Big News from CES, whet your appetite with the Dynaudio XEO 3 compact monitor ($2,300 w/transmitter and remote) and XEO 5 floor standing ($4,500 w/transmitter and remote) wireless active speakers. The XEO's 2.4 GHz transmitter and receiver create their own network so they are truly plug in and play. The XEO's also have an internal DAC which can handle up to 24-bit/48kHz over their wireless connection. There are four inputs including a pair of analog RCAs, Toslink, mini USB and stereo mini jack. There's also a remote that controls volume and source. Dynaudio claims, "one Transmitter can send the signal up to 50 meters, or up to 100 meters in spaces without any boundaries" and you can connect up to three pairs of XEOs using one transmitter.
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Peachtree Audio was showing some new/upgraded products including the pictured decco65 integrated amp/DAC. The 65 adds the following to the older Deco 2 - 25W/channel for a total of 65W/ch, Asynchronous USB as opposed to Adaptive mode USB for up to 24-bit/96kHz input, 24-bit/192kHz S/PDIF inputs, and the ESS 9023 Sabre DAC. What remains are the analog inputs, headphone amp, 6N1P tube buffer, and remote. Price for the decco65 is $899, $80 more than the Deco2 for the above-mentioned upgrades.

Trend spotting #2—Sonos as gateway drug into higher end sound quality.

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Don't worry you're not having a flashback. That super visually active display nearly perfectly camouflages the Amphion Helium 410 ($995/pair) 2-way speakers we listened to but it doesn't really matter because those are all Amphion speakers. Standing all of 259mm high, the Helium 410s were powered by the NuForce DIA ($299) integrated amplifier/DAC playing back music from a MacBook Pro via Toslink. When I double-checked the price on-line, I ran across Stephen Mejias' show report of this very same combo from last year's CES and it made me smile.