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I'm packing my valice and getting ready for the trip North. This is the 25th Montreal Hi-Fi Show and my first time attending. I'm looking forward to great Hi-Fi (in 100 Exhibitor rooms), great crowds (rumor has it they'll be 10,000 attendees and I hear audiophiles in Canada come in all shapes and sizes), great music, and great food.
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Reader Chris P. sent me an email worth sharing:
I've been scouring the web to see if anyone is reporting new audio features on the latest apple tv. Apple is very light on their audio spec page and I've been secretly hoping Apple would quietly enable higher res streaming to the updated device (to go with the higher res video).

Guessing this wouldn't be a public announcement until Apple itself offered higher res music via iTunes. Probably just wishful thinking but would appreciate any news or thoughts if there are in fact any new features or benefits.


Following on the heels of rumors suggesting that Apple may offer 24/96 streaming from iCloud or downloads from iTunes or perhaps endow the latest version of Apple TV with the same higher resolution-ness, Apple's recent events and new product releases have come and gone not with a bang but a whimper.
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Beginning July 12, 2012 a number of the USA's largest Internet Service Providers including Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon, Time Warner Cable and others will begin enforcing an RIAA crackdown on people who download music, movies and software for free from sites and services that do not have the right to distribute copyrighted material. Pirates. Arrr.
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[Steve Silberman of AudioQuest, who incidentally turned me on to, offers up 5 favorites 4 live 3 free and lets the music speak for itself]

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Register to win a Arcam rDAC audiophile-grade Digital to Analog Converter (MSRP $479) we are giving away.

According to Arcam, the rDAC's sleek cast aluminum case, hides the latest digital technology, including the outstanding Wolfson 8741 DAC. With coaxial, optical and USB inputs, the rDAC renders music with stunning accuracy and musicality.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. Click on the picture above for details on how to enter.

[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

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It's mysterious. It's music. It's a music player. It's a headphone amp, for two.
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As a follow-up to The Emperor's Old Clothes: In Theory Is Where I Do My Best Practice, I thought it worthwhile to point you to Soundkeeper Recordings who offer various versions of the same music for download in different bit/sample rates. For free. Here's why...
One thing that comes up repeatedly in discussions with other music lovers and audiophiles regarding CD vs. high resolution digital formats, is the fact that most folks have no means of making a valid comparison. Often, the high resolution version of a record is mastered at a different session, sometimes by a different engineer. At many so-called "format shootouts", one hears level differences, EQ differences, etc., making a true comparison of the formats impossible. Astute listeners realize these are comparisons of different masterings and not of the formats themselves.
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I think we all about know dynamic compression and the loudness wars but somehow the fact that music which has been severely compressed sounds like crap hasn't reached the minds and ears of some people who make music. I wonder about the inherent logic being applied along with sound-numbing bandwidth limited mastering in order to sound louder than the music played before and after yours if everyone is doing the same thing and broadcasters employ their own signal-processing and volume-leveling. Where does the real advantage come into play?

Perhaps its simply a stand-off—OK let's stop the loudness wars. You go first. Well somebody's got to go first and the people and companies behind International Dynamic Range Day want to help force all of those hands off of the loudness control. All I will add is March 16, 2012 is International Dynamic Range Day, bravo!, and this movement deserves our support.

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An article titled, "24/192 Music Downloads...and why they make no sense", on is getting a lot of attention on the audio forums because it claims that 16/44.1 provides better sound quality than 24-bit/192kHz. The author, Chris Montgomery, has also cleverly titled the associated file "neil-young.html" as a wink toward Mr. Young's recent calls for a move away from MP3s toward higher resolution formats. It's also worth noting that according to Mr. Montgomery's Wikipedia page, "Christopher “Monty” Montgomery is the creator of the Ogg Free Software container format and Vorbis audio codec and others" so one can perhaps see why he's taken what Neil Young said so personally.
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After my initial review of the Paradigm A2 powered desktop speakers ($279.99/ea. in Black Ash, $329.99/ea. premium finishes) Paradigm decided to re-think a few design aspects of this loud speaker. Chief among these re-design considerations was to make it, well, not such a loud speaker.