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Setting up for the practicum part of our NAS series is going to take some time. Here's what's on-hand, in-house and ready to go in the Streamer/Network Player department:
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We were inspired to launch the new site at the end of January when Neil Young came out with a bold statement. Neil wanted to hear and sell his songs as full size high resolution files, but didn't know how he could do that. The next day we were contacted by a writer from magazine to provide source information for his article. The day after that came this article and several of our sites were highlighted.
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First a story:

I was home last Saturday evening listening to records. "Sing Songs Of Love" by The Cherry Smash from Side 2 of the excellent compilation Backtracks 3 on Track Records from 1970 was playing and it reminded me of the Winterpills new record all my lovely goners. It also reminded me that Winterpills were playing in NYC that very night at 10PM.

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Grateful Dead, Live at Mosque on 1977-05-25

[reader Slim plays DJ and takes us on a musical trip]

I follow along the trails of Stephen Mejias and deckeda and start with a breach of the rules:

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From Apple Inc., "Mastered for iTunes" is their PDF guide for those interested in selling their music on iTunes.
We’re committed to delivering music exactly as the artists and sound engineers intend it to be heard. Housed here are the information and tools necessary to create the highest-quality masters for iTunes. Learn more by reading the Mastered for iTunes technology brief.
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From an Olive Media press release:
Magnolia Showrooms to Feature Olive's Award-winning HD Music Server Line, Presenting Unique High Definition Content and Personal Listening Sessions.

San Francisco, CA, February 21, 2012. Olive Media is pleased to announce that its highly reviewed and award-winning HD Music Servers- the Olive O3HD, O4HD, and O6HD- are now available at participating Magnolia Design Center and Magnolia Audio Video locations in California, Washington, Texas, and Georgia, which are listed at

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[Editor's Note: We're reproducing and sharing this document in its entirety and AudioStream would like to thank Andreas Koch, Andy McHarg and Rob Robinson for their efforts in defining an open standard for DSD over USB]

USB Link for DSD Audio via PCM Frames
Presented by Andreas Koch (Playback Designs), Andy McHarg (dCS), and Rob Robinson (Channel D)

Version 1.0
The USB Audio specification 2.0 defines multiple formats for audio of which standard PCM is only one. A general “raw data” format was also defined that can be used for any kind of data including audio, but unfortunately, no specific format was defined for DSD and with the ongoing proliferation of USB converters in the current market it appears that the opportunity for the official USB specification to adopt a single common method of transferring DSD audio via USB is slowly disappearing. This is an attempt of uniting as many manufacturers as possible and jointly defining a method for transferring DSD via USB.

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Kip Hanrahan, Desire Develops An Edge

Stephen Mejias is all over this one as he not only bought me the original LP as a gift that keeps on giving but he also told me about the HDtracks download! For those who love the unexpected mixed bag of influence, idea and expectation surpassed, get yee to Kip Hanrahan's Desire Develops An Edge.

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Talking Heads, Remain in Light

[Gordon Rankin of Wavelength Audio hands us a bevy of musical delights with a focus on live!]

The biggest problem with a request like this is taste. Mine silly as it may sound is found in 80's pop, new wave, punk! Yea XTC, Clash, B52's, Talking Heads, Cranberries, Devo, Costello, Joe Jackson and of course Gang of Four. Not much of this is available as even red book downloads so here goes with what I could find that I would like, in order top to bottom. Yes I do have all of these on my server. While some of these obscure titles are available from Pirate Bay and other illegal sites...I really suggest if you cannot download them legally that you purchase and rip the disks.

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Copyright infringement is serious business and it just got a kick in the enforcement. As spotted on Ars Technica:
The 70,000 daily visitors to popular music site were met with a purposely terrifying message on Tuesday and part of Wednesday. The UK's Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) took the site down, arrested its operator, and threw up a splash page that warned downloaders of "up to 10 years imprisonment." Thought statutory damages of up to $150,000 per infringement in the US were ludicrous? SOCA warns that downloaders from the site could face an "unlimited fine under UK law."