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[Editor's Note: MQA remains as controversial, if not more so, than when this review was first published in May 2016. Seeing as there have been more words spent on MQA than any other hi-fi topic in the past few years, I thought this review, which is focused on listening, was worth bumping up to the present.]
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Sounds kinda funny, right? In our ever-changing computer audio landscape, I thought it would be interesting (fun?) to point to some stone cold classic pieces of computer audio that have withstood the test of time.
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The totaldac USB GIGAFILTER, 0.6m or 1m or 1.5m: €1750 incl VAT, €1600 excl VAT.
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東方不敗 (named after a character, ‘Dōngfāng bùbài’ which means ‘Invincible East’, in a Jin Yong novel) is the debut album from Malaysia-born, Singapore/Taiwan/Shanghai/US-raised producer Tzusing. I found reference to this record on a The Wire's year-end list, found the record on Bandcamp (released on L.I.E.S.), hit Play, hit Buy Now. In short order.
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Inputs and outputs. In hi-fi, it's interesting to note that with a device like the Bricasti M5, people wonder which of its outputs is "best". That's like asking, "What's the best screwdriver—flathead or phillips?"
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The totaldac D1-seven arrived yesterday. I unboxed it, sorry no video, set it up, and let it play overnight for the barn mice.
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The totaldac d1-seven (€19,000 incl VAT, €17,450 excl VAT).
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Benny Goodman with the 1957 JBL Paragon

Hi-Fi is not just black and silver face plates. All too often, industrial design is overlooked, passed by, ignored for what's inside. What's worse, some people believe hi-fi is pure function filled with utilitarian objects whose parts-count-cost + specifications determine all one need know. Say it ain't so (says I).

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Depending on your point of view, "Audiophilia Forever: An Expensive New Year’s Shopping Guide" is the story of one man's enjoyment of the hi-fi hobby, or it's a minefield of controversy.
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Sometimes it takes time to find what I'm looking for—the salve to sooth some ache or pain. At times like these, I avoid go-to's preferring to find something new, even if that something turns out to be old.