Michael Lavorgna  |  Jun 28, 2017
Is there such a thing as the perfect song? For each of us, the answer is a resounding "Yes". Is that song, or are those songs, the same amongst us? The answer is a resounding "Probably not." Feel free to substitue darn-near-anything for "song" and the same holds true—painting, pizza, spouse, DAC, etc.—non-ubiquity. How do we survive?
Michael Lavorgna  |  Jun 26, 2017
Greetings from the antipodes, NZ more precisely. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and finally managed to make myself do it.
 |  Jun 25, 2017
Ceci n'est pas AudioStream

A point of clarity: some people have complained that I am being, "I" being me/Michael, _____ (fill in with your variant of mean) in my responses to some comments: "Gee, all I said was your post was [or you were] _____ ( pick one or add your own—lame, crap, shit, nothing more than an ad, shilling, idiotic, dumb, stupid, etc.) Why so defensive?" I'll tell you why.

Michael Lavorgna  |  Jun 23, 2017
It's motivational poetry with a message I wholeheartedly endorse (from "Intro"):
I don't give a fuck what you do, just do whatever.
Don't fucking make excuses just do what you know how to do
and don't fucking make excuses, just do it.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Jun 22, 2017
The Ten Year War is a new Black Sabbath Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set containing the band's first 8 albums. And more. . .
Michael Lavorgna  |  Jun 21, 2017
After a near-near nearly non-fatal incident caught in the nick of time, Audiophile Dudes are back! You may notice a slight change in the background music which you may or may not recognize as The Eagles "Hotel California". In any event, try to image it is. Feel free to cue it up and play along. Enjoy!
Michael Lavorgna  |  Jun 19, 2017
It’s 1996, well before iPods, smartphones and easy Internet access. My employer is sending me from New York City to Sydney, Australia for a 1-year work assignment. My wife and two little kids are coming too. We can bring whatever fits into allowable checked luggage and carry-ons, plus a small “barrel” of other personal items (mostly toys & clothes) that will follow by cargo ship a few months later. We’ll be living in a very small apartment, so most of our possessions will be staying behind (or being sold at garage sale, in the case of my vinyl collection) including everything from our pets to our musical instruments, the hi-fi system and most of my recorded music library. We have two months to get organized. I designate a small cardboard box for CDs to bring along. The ones I choose to fit in that box will have to do me for a year, and I’ll be playing them on a boom-box to be purchased once we arrive. Not the happiest thought for an audiophile, but to be honest there are more pressing things to think about.
Michael Lavorgna  |  Jun 16, 2017
I searched high and low for the album of music from the films of Jacques Tati that had the most music from his films. This search took me to France, of course it did, and to Tati Sonorama ! which is 39 tracks and 01:19:25 of bubbles.