Michael Lavorgna  |  Oct 26, 2011  |  17 comments
The idea of high resolution downloads continues to be a thorny issue. With the release of the remastered 24/96 version of Nirvana's Nevermind, some consumers expressed outrage over the amount of dynamic compression apparently employed during the remastering process.
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Hello Michael,

I'm very enthusiastic to see a site dedicated to computer audio. One thing would help immensely is to see an article clearly explaining what happens when file bit rate doesn't match either USB or Dac bitrate.

Take a file at 24/192hz, via USB 1.0 into a 96hz Dac? What happens? When are files upsampled? When are files downsampled? What is the file bitrate? What is the USB bitrate? What is the coming Dac bitrate? And what is the Dac output bitrate?

Michael Lavorgna  |  Oct 24, 2011  |  6 comments
One of the questions in terms of deciding whether or not to go down the native DSD-road is—where does one get DSD music? While you can rip SACDs, that’s the subject of an entire article on its own but suffice it to say it is not a simple procedure (you can start here). In terms of downloads, I’m only aware of one source at present and their DSD offerings are $40/album and the selection is limited to under 20 titles.
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The Chapter Audio Notepad ($2,500 available in December) was on mostly silent display in the On A Higher Note Room at RMAF (you can read about the main event here). The Notepad is a Class D amplifier that puts out 150W into 8 ohms and includes Chapter's Stream DAC, a USB input, an ethernet port and wireless connectivity using Apple's Airport wireless protocol. The Notepad will stream music from your wireless source of choice and reportedly supports streaming up to 24/192 via Ethernet and a reported 24/96 wirelessly.
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I'll start by saying I've been a fan of 47 Labs designs from the first time I saw and heard the 4706 Gaincard and 4713 Flatfish. It helped that Herb Reichert wrote about the 47 Labs Gaincard (Listener, volume 5, number 2 Spring 1999) since he was a favorite writer on Hi-Fi and someone I felt I could relate to in ways that included non-Hi-Fi stuff (now that I've had an opportunity to meet Herb on a few occasions, I discovered I was righter than I knew). If a minimal design aesthetic appeals to you in a general sense, i.e. you enjoy the work of Ray and Charles Eames, Donald Judd, Ad Reinhardt, the Bauhaus, etc., then the design approach of Juni Kimura should tickle a similar fancy. Juni Kimura's quote, "Only the simplest can accomodate the most complex" adorns the 47 Labs US Distributor's home page.
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To say that computer audio was all over the place at RMAF would be an understatement. Which is why I missed so much of it. My apologies to all those people whose rooms I missed and please note that it was only due to a lack of time and not a lack of interest. If it was a possibility, I would have visited every room regardless of its relevance to my narrowed focus.
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In the AudioQuest room I got to hear another cable comparison but this time we're talking about Ethernet. I know, be still my beating heart of darkness. The Naim UnitiServer and Naim NDX Network Player were connected via Ethernet. Our host who shall remain nameless (and headless to protect his identity) swapped between the AudioQuest Forest RJ45-G CAT5e Ethernet Cable ($39/2m) and a standard RJ 45 router cable (essentially free).
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Size matters. At least in terms of listening rooms. The Peachtree Audio ballroom had three active displays setup and the first time I went in to listen it was too crowded. That first time David Solomon of Peachtree was giving an animated presentation/introduction to the new Peachtree products on display. When I returned later in the day, it was Jonathan Derda's turn (that's him above) and he was equally animated. And when I say animated, I mean that in the best possible sense.
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Somehow I'd missed Jonathan Tinn's room at THE Show Newport and I wasn't going to let that happen again. At RMAF he was showing the diminutive in size but not in musical stature Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne ($2,000), darTZeel CTH-8550 integrated amplifier ($20,300) and while I was in the room the Playback Designs MPS-3 ($8,500) controlled by custom software Playback Designs had developed for their players.
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Phillip O'Hanlon proprietor of On A Higher Note was spinning vinyl when I arrived in the Longs Peak ballroom. The Audio Aereo La Source sat silently but I didn't mind one bit. Those Vivid Audio B-1 loudpseakers ($15,000/pair) sounded immediate and enveloping (and they remind me of something but I just can't put my finger on it) driven by the Luxman M-600A Pure Class A Stereo Amplifier ($8,500).