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You're Surrounded: Track List:

Track 1) "Doundounba" - Mangue Sylla and the All-star Drummers of Guinea
This is one of the greatest African percussion groups playing today. The speed and precision with which they play is startling. I was in awe at the sessions by their innate sense of time. You should hear on the left and right channels the two large Djun Djun drums (these should be at 90 degrees to the side), and the Baliphone should be in the center. In the back of the soundstage, you should hear the female singers, one on each side (left rear and right rear).

Track 2) "Wafairing Stranger" - The New Appalachians
We invited some wonderful young bluegrass players up from the Appalachians to visit our studio/church in New York and put them around the mic. The bass is 90 degrees to the right; the guitar is on the opposite side at 90 degrees to the left. The mandolin should be in the right rear of the soundstage, and vocals should be in the center. The female vocalist plays the violin as well, and she should be a little right of center.

Track 3) "Rejoice in the Lord Always" - The Cerddorion Vocal Ensemble
You will hear a four-part choir around the mic. You should be enveloped by the sound and hear all the voices coming from various places. The female sopranos should be in the left front and the female altos should be in the left rear. The male tenors are in the right front and the male basses are in the right rear.

Track 4) "Shh Peaceful" - POWERHOUSE (Wallace Roney, Bob Belden, Oz Noy, Kevin Hays, Daryl Johns, and Lenny White)
Legendary jazz producer and saxophonist Bob Belden assembled an all-star fusion band of Lenny White on drums, Oz Noy on guitar, Bob Belden on soprano sax, Wallace Rooney on trumpet, Darryl Johns on bass, and Kevin Hayes on piano. We wanted to recreate Miles Davis’ classic album "In A Silent Way" in surround. You will hear the electric guitar coming out of the right rear and the sax coming out of the left rear. Bass is 90 degrees to the right and the piano is 90 degrees hard left opposite the bass, while the drums are in the center and the trumpet is on the front right.

Track 5) "Soli" (Dunnun Kan) - Mangue Sylla and the All-star Drummers of Guinea
Once again you will hear the power and virtuosic playing of these master drummers from Guinea, Africa. The players are in the same place as track 1. Listen to the Djembe player in the left front channel.

Track 6) "Blues For Lars" - Javon Jackson and Billy Drummond
Two great jazz players exchange riffs. The drums are in the front and the sax is in the rear, a little to the left.

Track 7) "Central Park Morning" - Manhattan Brass Quintet
This is an older composition of David Chesky's that was featured on Mr. Rodgers, a children's television show in the United States. You will hear the brass quintet around you and from right to left. The first trumpet is in the right front channel and the tuba is in the right rear. Trombone in the left rear, the second trumpet is in the left front, and the French horn is in the front center.

Track 8) "John Henry" - The New Appalachians
Once again we experience the excitement of this young Appalachian band performing the classic tune "John Henry". You will still hear the players in the same place, but this time we added a banjo player that sings. Right front is the female violinist and vocalist, left at 90 degrees is the bass, right rear is the mandolin, left 90 degrees is the guitar, right front is the male banjo player and vocalist.

Track 9) "Kyrie" - The Cerddorion Vocal Ensemble
We kept the choir in the same places around the mic. You are in the center of this beautiful lyrical Acapella choral work.

Track 10) "Toccata and Ritornelli from L'Orfeo " - Manhattan Brass Quintet
This showstopper is for brass quintet and drums. You will hear the drummer in the center surrounded by the brass quintet in the same places. Right front, trumpet 1, rear right tuba, rear left trombone, left front trumpet 2 and the middle is the French horn. You will hear the sound bouncing all over the church when the drums build in volume. The ambiance should come from all around you.

Track 11) "Walking In Circles" - Javon Jackson
This is a solo work for tenor sax. You will hear Jackson walk around the binaural mic. Can you hear the sax when Jackson is behind you? You should be able to locate him in all the positions around your head as he walks around the mic, starting in the left front to left rear, to right rear and then right front and circles again.

Track 12) "Counting" - The Cerddorion Vocal Ensemble
This is a very crazy piece of music. You are in the middle of a choir and they are all counting randomly. You should really feel the room all around you as well as the singers. This track is very dynamic. The louder it gets, the more you will hear the ambiance filling the room.

Track 13) "Basketball" - Dr. Chesky and Mor Mezrich
Yes, we put you in the middle of a pick-up basketball game in New York with Dr. Chesky and his engineers. You will be in the middle of the game and hear the ball bouncing all around you. The quick impact of the ball should really give you a precise 360 location of where the ball is at all times.

Track 14) "When the Saints Go Marching In" - Wycliffe Gordon
This is a great one to end with. You will hear the Dixieland band march into the church from the rear right. Slowly they will march down the right aisle (the sound levels will increase as they approach the mic) and then walk around the front of the microphone from right to left. The band stands there for a while as they play and then exits via the left rear of the church.