Wyred 4 Sound

Linear power supplies. Other than "phase noise", linear power supplies seemed to be one of the more popular topics at RMAF 2016. Wyred 4 Sound has entered the PSU market with their new PS-1 Modular Power Supply ($499 for one 'zone') which can power 4 different devices/zones with 4 different voltage levels (nice). The PS1's modules come configured as 5V, 9V, 12V, and 15V with an introductory price of $125/ per module.

Another new item in Wyred 4 Sound's ranks is this protoype Roon Ready Streamer (projected $499) which runs on a custom OS. The Streamer can stream music from your network attached storage, from an attached USB storage device, or, for those who like to keep things in-house, one of Wyred 4 Sound's Roon endowed servers. Availability on the Streamer looks like the end of the year.

The main system featuring PureAudioProject Stellar12 speakers. Total system price = $40,000.

The "Lifestlye system" featuring PureAudioProject Trio10 speakers. Total system price = $6,000.

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A great idea but a bit on the pricy side for the box unless you need the high current 15V unit to start. The price for the individual units seems pretty fair for the lower voltage (and lower current requirement devices). Time will tell but I'd expect to see some Chinese manufactured units utilizing this idea pretty soon which is a shame really. If the box was $295 and the units stayed as listed then I think they would make an absolute killing by selling many more of them.