Wyred 4 Sound

The guys from Wyred 4 Sound bring a lot of positive energy along with their gear to each show I've seen them at which is a refreshing breath of fresh air when juxtaposed alongside the lounging-in-a-comfy-chair, remote-wielding, puddle of an exhibitor you can find in some other rooms. On display and in use were the new mPre ($1,099) that includes a 24/192-capable USB DAC and headphone amp, the mAmp ($899/each) that delivers 250W into 8 ohms driving a pair of Paradigm Signature S8 speakers ($8,999/pair). Fronting this system was the Wyred 4 Sound MS-1 Music Server ($1,999).

Wyred 4 Sound also employed Bob Hodas for his room setup skills so they had one less thing to worry about. I'd say a job well done all around.