Why I'm Not Going to CES

I first covered CES for AudioStream back in 2012 and wrote, "From the first minute I hit the Venetian's crowded elevator bank to the last, I could not help feeling behind. There's no way one person can cover everything at CES and T.H.E. Show unless their area of coverage is defined to include only those companies whose name begins and ends with an X." Looking at the current Exhibitor list, I could cover everything at CES 2018 in an afternoon.

I could speculate as to the reasons why CES has seen less "Hi-End" exhibitors each year but I don't like to speculation since speculation typically only serves to uncover our own prejudices. Suffice it to say that there used to be 6 floors-worth of hi-fi to cover which has become 1 plus a few rooms.

By my quick count, there are 50+ rooms in total and less than 50 exhibitors (some have multiple rooms). Even if I were to cover every room, and I wouldn't because some do not have any digital playback, the math says CES ain't worth it.

Munich, on the other hand, gets better every year.

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"Some places are like people: some shine and some don't." - Dick Hallorann

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Nice article, but "CES has seen less "Hi-End" exhibitors"..? Try 'fewer'.

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...volunteer copy editors.
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Well CES was never meant to be "just HI-FI" show, after all it is a consumer electronic show that showcases whats new from the consumer technology markets.