What's On The Menu?

Observant readers may have noted two changes to AudioStream: a new menu structure and a new tag line. Both changes were made to better reflect the content to be found on AudioStream as well as our focus on computer audio serving music.

Some things went away and some things moved around: "Music" gets its own spot on the menu (yay!) and "Shows" moves up to the top since our show coverage is a popular feature. Gone are the AudioStream forums for a few reasons, the main one being our community prefers to interact in the comments section.

I hope you enjoy the new organization and message. From my point of view, these changes move things in a better direction.

For those socially inclined, you may also have noticed that AudioStream's Facebook and Twitter pages got a facelift including a new cover image (pictured above).

ctsooner@alumni.ou.edu's picture

Love your site. Just well laid out and fun to keep up on. Plus you love Ayre, lol.

Patster11's picture

I'm a newbie to this site, but just wanted to say that I truly enjoy your articles and commentary. I'm in the process of tweaking my own digital audio system. Your input and advice has brought me great sonic pleasure. It's all about the music. May you continue to walk the earth.