What's On Deck

Here's one of the things in-barn for review—the Sound Galleries music server SGM 2015 ($16,000) (more here). If you read that report from Munich, you'll see I commented on "color" or my perceived lack thereof. Based on initial in-barn impressions, using HQPlayer, you can dial in pretty much whatever you like.

I also happen to have the T+A DAC 8 here as well, which was the DAC in-use in Munich, so there's more comparative fun to come!

Initial impressions here are if you own a T+A DAC 8 and you do not use HQPlayer, you are not hearing what your DAC can do.

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Your Totaldac to the DAC8 being fed upsampled streams in DSD512 from HQP. The DAC 8 is supposedly amazing when fed DSD 512, it's "native" sample rate.

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most people won't have the necessary computing power to run HQ at 512. I have read that it takes a recent full four core i7 running at high speed on a dedicated machine to do it without dropouts.

I would also love to hear the results of that comparison. The best of PCM vs the best of DSD.

Hope you are up to it Michael(just kidding).

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We are really looking forward to your opinions on the Dac 8 DSD, Audio Doctor was one of the first dealers in the country to get one of these rare dacs, and we have found in agreement with the folks at Computer Audiophile, that the Dac 8 DSD being feed quad rate DSD is amazing!

We are currently running a Core i7 computer through a state of the art USB cable directly into the Dac 8 and using J River to upconvert 16/24 files to Quad Rate DSD.

When the dac locks in at those sampling rates the sound is so much more three dimensional with greatly enhanced presence then straight up converted PCM or Dual Rate DSD.

I am curious to what computer you are using or have found will work deliver consistent sound running Quad rate?