What is it?

Do you know what this device is? What it does? Is it a prop from Star Trek? A 3D printer? A base station receiver for alien transmissions? Coum transmissions?

Take a guess or if you already know then guess its weight.

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Does it turn CDs into LPs?

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It looks like it can eat a CD.

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It's a CD shredder???

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A toaster?

Hint - it does not play physical media.

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A wifi DLNA renderer

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And it weighs 0.38 lbs. It's the J River Id.

From J River:

It plays music from your PC, using your wireless LAN. It connects to a receiver or to powered PC speakers so you can hear high quality sound.

It's a DLNA Renderer and can be controlled by a DLNA Controller.

You can use J. River Media Center to send it your music. You can use J. River Media Center or a cell phone to control it.

Available now for under $100*.

* Temporarily Out of Stock

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there's a cheesburger from the future in there. I'm hungry.

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A Star Wars Happy Meal.

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A new wireless, handleless, George Forman Grill

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...disc cleaner.


(Or a flux capacitor)

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For the anti-iTunes crowd?

But I'm pretty sure my leftovers from the Mexican restaurant came home in that.