What Do You Want From Your Hi-Fi? (Cont’d)

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"When the house is a-rockin,' don't bother knockin.' Just come on in."

Works for me, if and when the hifi invites shared experiences like that.

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you've got some low frequency boom building up in the corners there, are you playing some dutch dj's spotify stream?

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I can almost feel the vibe of opening the door to go inside. Lower light, a nice acoustic (especially walking into that from outdoors,) the quiet lovely glow of gear lights.

Even though I'd never bonk my head going in, I'd stoop a little going in, don't know why.

The fun of waiting for the eyes to adjust to take it all in.

I get sandalwood, but that's my imagination. What scent is the room? Something 'outside of time," I bet.

I find I end up tossing up whatever 'systems' I can into our living spaces, but no one area is 'all mine.'


A fella can dream.

Great pic. Time for a video tour!

(I can also picture a curtain behind the door to walk through, maybe some exotic tapestries.) What's the ceiling like?

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First thing popped into my mind, the Diz's cheeks.

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It made me think of Jeff Wong's old avatar pic.