Getting Real.

I saved the Silbatone room for last even though I knew they'd be playing records because I wanted to end the Munich High End Show on a high note with a skip in my step after four very long and admittedly wonderful days of hi-fi'ing.

that's Joe Roberts of Sound Practices fame (I have a complete set) talking about the Western Electric TA4165 in a modified TA7395 baffle from 1933

Music can be invigorating. Scratch that. Music should be invigorating. Many of the rooms at the Munich High End Show felt more like work where I needed to exert energy to connect, with some rooms offering no connection at all, at least that I could find. That just ain't right.

Here, listening to some Western Electric speakers from the 1930s driven by electronics designed by JC Morrison delivering a handful of watts or less (0.8 watts!) from vinyl picked up by Frank Shroeder's and Thomas Schick's tonearms, I was immediately transported to beautiful musical places with absolutely no obstruction.

A perfectly lovely way to end, indeed.

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That must have sounded heavenly.
I just received my SP archival CD from Joe, can't wait to dig in. ..
Thanks for another great report!

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If I ever hit the lotto three times in a row, I'm buying all that stuff.

Thanks for the report!