Wes Bender Studio/E.A.R.

Brooklyn, NY based dealer Wes Bender Studio provided the NY debut of the new E.A.R. SACD DAC and Transport (projected price $5,000 Transport and $8,000 SACD DAC). The SACD DAC, as its name suggests, can handle a DSD stream from the Transport's I2S output when playing back SACDs or you can stream DSD via its USB input. There's also an analog RCA input, Coax S/PDIF (RCA and BNC), and AES. DSD capability maxes out at 64x DSD and the SACD DAC upsamples all PCM data to 24/192.

The rest of the system included E.A.R. 890 stereo power amplifier ($8,295), E.A.R. 868/PL full function preamplifier ($7,595 includes phono stage), and the NY premier of the Marten Design FormFloor speakers ($6,500).