Wes Bender Studio NYC

The perpetually smiling Wes Bender of Wes Bender Studio NYC brought a little piece of NYC with him along with Hansen Audio The Knight loudspeakers ($24,000/pair), Wavestream Kinetics V-8 Monoblocks ($60,000/pair), Wavestream Kinetics Deluxe Phono Stage ($7,995), Wavestream Kinetics Deluxe Linestage ($8,495) and while I was there we listened through the Lindemann Audio 825/HD Disc Player ($12,500) and a Macbook Pro running Pure Music. Everything was connected through Kaplan cable except the Lindermann Disc Player which used a single AudioQuest Diamond USB ($695/1m) to talk to the Macbook.

The Lindemann Audio 825/HD Disc Player in addition to playing your silver discs accepts digital files up to 24 bit/192kHz via Asynchronous USB. The 825/HD Player automatically upsamples everything to the "default" sample rate of 24/96. All incoming HD data (24/96 and up) is passed along in its native sample rate. We listened to a very cool and blue track from Michael Powers and I noted the system sounded "fast, dynamic, wide and deep with a very nice chesty quality to the vocals". I also noted "no room treatments".