Well Rounded Sound WRS WP 2 Desktop Speakers Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Well Rounded Sound WRS WP 2 Desktop Speakers (MSRP $699) we are giving away.

According to Well Rounded Sound, the WRS WP 2 incorporates a high end Full Range Driver with excellent detail retrieval and very wide sound stage. Solid aluminum machined phase plug helps to extend high frequencies to 20,000Hz.

Bamboo reinforced paper cone with exponential curve sounds well extended, supremely smooth and fatigue free. The enclosure is made of fully recyclable composite material and is finished in American Walnut.

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

rbrooks's picture

a swell prize . . .

msagar's picture

I want these

duhx99's picture

These seem great for a dorm.

seank's picture

I'm in.

jjljr's picture

those look cool! Pick me por favor!

guitarist9273's picture

I could definitely put these to good use. I'm in! 

sherlockholmezzzz's picture


beaur's picture

Quit looking at my speakers!

Fab_B's picture

Wow !

Jmilton7043's picture

I would be delighted to win these...

johnmotex's picture

MIne! Mine! Mine! Mine!

hlesser's picture

It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

msardo's picture

... if you don't enter! :-)

mcullinan's picture

Let me win please!!!!!

jneber's picture

Count me in!

Toddathan's picture

"I will be right here waiting for you."

fufanuer's picture

My desktop speakers sound terrible right now.

eburbeck's picture

Look like a cool set of speakers. Would love to try them myself!

Speakerphile's picture

Yes, please....

Baygul's picture

Good Wife Appeal Factor

jchaps's picture

Throwing it in the ring...

SebieDreamtime's picture

Totally tubular.

bubbamike's picture


newby11's picture

love to try 'em out

kwm_00@yahoo.com's picture

Really I do..

EVOnix's picture

Thank you.

hotsoup's picture

Pick me pick me pick me

johnepearl's picture

Yes, please. These belong in my kitchen to help with my ginsu dance party!

SuperRu's picture

Those would look real nice on my desk.

Walt G's picture

This way

jmcgowan's picture

Very Cool would love a pair. They remind me of a pair of speakers I made back in highschool using black abs pipe and some 3" coaxial speakers i pulled out of an old car.

jmall's picture

These would be nice on my oak desk :)



Greg E's picture

For the opportunity.

jrebman's picture

My entry here...


Would be killer with my new macmini desktop machine :-).


-- JR

I Cheat The Hangman's picture

One more for the road....

audioeng7's picture

to round out the desktop system.

jlong64's picture

Would really love these to replace the Creative ones on the desk.

daveinva's picture

nice to see they're using bamboo for the cones. always nice to see nenewable materials work there way into good designs.

landon135's picture

these would look great on my desk

cwakeman's picture

Count me in.

kana813's picture

I'd love a pair, I'll even buy a desk for them.

paxjen's picture

I am going to turn a pair on my lathe.  No monkey coffins!

vorig's picture

send them my way! :)

Jeff Pollack's picture

Heard this company's speakers at the recent New York Audio show and was very impressed. Would be a blast to own.

tao's picture

I'd love to win those

Casey2007's picture

Look forward to winning these, lol.

Ddncons's picture

These look very interesting!

mallocfailure's picture

one pair, that is

whell's picture

...for the great give aways!

Sanssaying's picture

i long for Kyoto.


And desktop speakers.  

sonnenwender's picture

Really cute, has a nice DIY feel to it. Would sit well on my desk

bprochford's picture

Would love these for the dining room.

deckeda's picture

contest. Surely this time I'll win. (If it weren't for the rest of you meddling kids.)

Vade Forrester's picture

I need these speakers.

mikakaar's picture

I'd like these

internethandle's picture

Another great contest.

Jmd's picture


ArnoldLayne's picture

I can't wait to hammer them with some hot jazz.

BTW, your password checker is BS.

A5's picture

Pick me, pick me!! Ooh! Ooh!

skanderbeg's picture

I heard these at the HiFi show in NYC last month, they sounded great. 

spyder1's picture

The WRS WP2 speakers would make a great addition to any computer based, music system!


whtldg's picture

Those look gorgeous!

Dewey2's picture


DSG's picture

I have a spot waiting for them.

erikstdon's picture

I want to win ! me, me, me, me.

jeffh's picture

They would look great on my desk!

funboy's picture

to win it

kchamblin's picture


SeeHear's picture

Quite nice - especially for their price!

magi44ken's picture

This is just want I needed for my desktop.

agladstone's picture

Awesome, I would love to win these!!!

erm93ct's picture

I want these on my desktop!!!

davidmcc's picture

These would be nice

jbarkle's picture

look perfect for a computer based system

KenBGray's picture

I love walnut.

vonKrag's picture

Thinking very hard of just what to get, these look great.

torturegarden's picture

I would love to win these. I'm sure they sound much better than my 10+ year old Yamahas.

jdburton's picture

These would be a great addition.

dparker's picture

for some walnut action!

WIlksFiveFive's picture

Can I have these please?

FeynFan's picture

They look so cool!

matthra10's picture

Wish they were mine!

sounddude03's picture

These do look like they have a nice finish.  

ksamynathan's picture

Anything, but feeling lucky today ;)

lazysalvadorean's picture

Who doesn't love a good Scotch?

remlab's picture

The drivers used in this model are amazingly musical..

Bkhuna's picture

Imagine the envy (and possible sales leads) that would come out of having these on my desk at work.

Eat your heart out ear-budders.

breadman's picture

come on good karma!

ddgi's picture

Nice design.

Bixby's picture

Hep Hep hooray!