Weiss Engineering

Weiss Engineering had a number of new and updated products on display. Pictured above is the new flagship Medus Reference D/A Converter which can process PCM formats up to 24/192 as well as DSD. Inputs include USB, Toslink, AES/EBU, and Coax S/PDIF while outputs include RCA and XLR pairs. The front panel display shows the input source, sample rate, bit depth, DAC filter type, mute status, and absolute polarity. Also incorporates an analog volume control which you can control from the included remote.

The Weiss DAC202 Firewire DAC ($9,100 or upgrade your old 202 for $1,800) sees the addition of a USB input to provide DSD playback.

The MAN301 Music Archive Network Player ($12,262 with DAC, $9,083 for the Network Player-only version) gets a double rate DSD facelift (see review).

The new Weiss INT204 USB/DSD Interface accepts 1x DSD data via its asynchronous USB input and either runs it straight through to the AES/EBU and S/PDIF outputs (BNC and Coax) or converts it to either 176.4kHz or 88.2kHz PCM first. You can also choose either 16 or 24 bit for the conversion. According to Weiss, "The conversion of DSD signals to PCM before doing the D/A conversion has an advantage over a *native* DSD D/A converter in that the analog output filter after the PCM D/A stage is of a lower order and hence sonically transparent compared to the analog filter which is necessary in a *native* DSD D/A converter." Now that's an interesting take on the entire DSD debate!

As you can see, I neglected to get pricing information for the Medus and INT204 USB/DSD Interface but I'll add it as soon as I get it.