Wavelength Audio's Europa

A lot of people were talking about Gordon Rankin's Wavelength Audio room. Some for the plasma tweeters perched atop the Vaughn Audio Plasma Speakers ($15,000, signature series with upgraded power and MagneQuest custom modulation transformers $20,000), others for his new limited edition all silver Napoleon amplifiers, and others still were going on about the new Europa network player/DAC ($7,500 pictured on the right). And rightfully so.

I'll let Gordon explain the Europa:

Europa is the vision for the future as both a digital and analog product. It has 3 analog inputs, Toslink, Asynchronous USB and a StreamWerxs powered Network port (Ethernet [with SD Card interface] or Wi-Fi). The analog and digital selections are available from the front panel or via the remote http or app interface. Volume, Mute, Balance, Power and selection are all available. The digital engine is powered by the latest ESS ES9018 dac chip. The volume control is handled in the analog domain with 1dB steps. The 71A gain tubes are used for a sweet 3 dimensional sound that can drive any amplifier.
So the Europa is a preamplifier, DAC, and network player/streamer with tubes on top and we're not looking at some pre-packaged network board slapped into a chassis. Gordon Rankin wrote all the code for the Europa making this one appealing package. I listened to a few songs, running late again, and the sound was sweet and clear with "crazy presence".

Steven Plaskin's picture

The larger unit next to the Europa is the $9000 Crimson / Denominator module USB DAC. A truly wonderful DAC.