Wavelength Audio

Gordon Rankin of Wavelength Audio always manages something new at RMAF and this year was no different. Pictured on the right is the Crimson DAC with the new FPGA-based Q1 DoP/PCM DAC modue ($9000 or $1500 for the Q1 module upgrade for existing owners) which supports up to double rate DSD. The Quotient DSD module is also available for Wavelength's Cosecant DAC ($750).

photo credit: Wavelength Audio

Gordon also had a prototype of the new Nano series DACs (3x2x1 inch) which are based on the ESS ES9018 DAC. The Nano series will include the Electron ($600), a USB DAC headphone amp, the Juice Box ($600) which offers a Toslink input (24/96), and the Atom ($1000) "which is the worlds smallest tube powered DAC".