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I had one of my favorite musical moments in the Wavelength Audio room. Gordon Rankin, Wavelength's founder, played "Guinnevere" from Crosby Stills & Nash's self-titled album (1969) from an HDtracks 24/192 version and the song and sound are absolutely gorgeous. Achingly beautiful, positively dripping with emotion so much so that if you heard it you'd know why we want, or maybe why we need, 24/192 playback and why downloads that originate as analog sources can kick some major HD ass. Even the staunchest sample rate deniers would melt like butter if they heard this new version of "Guinnevere" and if you did hear it and somehow weren't moved I'd have to say there's something about your ear/brain/body connection that needs tending to and I'd also point out that uptight is not a healthy state of being.

A MacBook Pro acted as server and was connected to the Wavelength Cosecant HS DAC ($4,000 with the Denominator Module) which went through the Wavelength Royal preamplifier ($7,500) that drove the new Duetto v3 Stereo amplifier ($5,000) itself driving the Vaughn Loudspeakers Cabernet II 100dB speakers.

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Oh boy. There is no 192 KHz version of CSN's first album on HDTracks. They are selling a 96 kHz version.

Where did Mr Rankin come up with this?

If I am wrong please provide a link.

This shows me the power of preconceived notions and expectations.

The 9624 is indeed very good, but it is the same digital transfer that the Expanded Edition CD was created from.

The CD is amazingly close to the download.

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And get back...

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Thank you. I can confirm as a fact there is no 192 Khz Crosby, Stills & Nash download.

But I will wait for your expalantion as to what GR was actually playing in his room.

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He was playing a 24/192 version. No. Doubt.

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Then can you please ask him the source? It is not for sale on HDTracks.

Thank you.

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Was a test version and will not be released.

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Thank you, I really appreciate the follow up! That explains it.

Great show reports btw...

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& thanks on the show report!

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David Chesky had only completed the 3 songs of the legendary recording at 192KHz before coming to RMAF. David a good friend stopped by early the first day with a USB stick (well two) the RMAF show songs and the 3 CSNY songs.


Great talking with you at the show. I was so glad at the response to the room and the show as a whole. Also thanks for the nice comments it did sound great.



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Thank you for the additional information Mr. Rankin, much appreciated

BTW, as side note, this is not the first 192 Khz transfer of the original master tape.

Steve Hoffman did ia 192 Khz transfer ast year, from which he produced the Audio Fidelity Gold CD. The tape was hand delivered by Stephen Stills.