Wavelength Audio

Gordon Rankin's Wavelength Audio room was at once relaxing and invigorating providing "clean, clear, dynamic and controlled" music delivered by Benny Walker, Janis Ian and Mark Knopfler. The system while I sat, listened and enjoyed included the Cosecant HS 24(32)/192+Denominator USB DAC ($4,000), Royal Preamplifier 71A Directly Heated Triode linestage ($7,500), Corona mono blocks ($6,000/pair) and the Vaughn Loudspeakers Triode ($9,995). All cables by AudioQuest. Gordon was controlling the music stored on his Promise Pegasus R4 Hard drive array connected via Thunderbolt to an Apple MacBook Air i7/4G/120SSD with an iPad.

The Wavelength Cosecant HS 24(32)/192+Denominator USB DAC uses Gordon's Streamlength Asynchronous USB technology to deliver a musical signal with very low levels of jitter (see John Atkinsons's measurements section in Art Dudley's review). There's also a single 6GM8/ECC86 dual triode employed in the transformer output stage and to my way seeing, it's all wrapped up in a rather unique and attractive package.

Some rooms have a sense of calm about them as if you've entered someone's living room. Others have a traveling circus feel—the tent has been thrown up, stuff unpacked and placed willy-nilly (don't look behind the curtain) and send in the clowns. The Wavelength Audio room was of the former type and I'd say this has as much to do with sound and music as it does with one's sense of decorum.

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Wavelength is a measure of the distance between repetitions of a shape feature such as peaks, valleys, or zero-crossings, not a measure of how far any given particle moves. -Steven C. Wyer