Wadia Digital

While I was in the Wadia Digital room they were playing music through the big rig which made perfect sense since this was a big room. The main system consisted of the Wadia S7i CD Player/Digital Hub ($14,950), Audio Research DS450M Mono Amplifiers ($9,990/pair), Sonus Faber Amati Futura Loudspeakers ($36,000/pair), and a pair of REL G-1 Sub-Bass System subs ($3,999/each). I noted a "lightning-like clarity" from this system and an "enveloping sound".

Back in the far corner, I told you this room was big, sat a modest-in-size system from the "Lifestyle System" group consisting of the Wadia 151PowerDAC mini ($1,199), Wadia 171iTransport ($599), Sonus Faber Toy Loudspeakers ($1,298/pair - I'm not sure how I feel about that name), and a REL T-5 Sub-Bass system ($599/each). As I said, this system was silent while I was in the room but I did get an opportunity to speak to John Schaffer of Wadia and he mentioned to keep an eye out for a number of new computer audio-focused product launches from Wadia at CES 2012 which is great news. That said, thinking about CES while at RMAF is kinda like thinking about a 24oz T-Bone as you're a quarter way through your 18oz Cowboy steak.

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... for something cute supposed to be serious fun. That PowerDac/Transport/SonusFaber combo is one of the options for my soon-to-become-reality all-digital system.

Would like the Naim Uniti/Ovator combo even better but not enuff space in my 10'x15' digi-den ...