Another room that always warms my show-going spirit is the VTL room hosted by Luke Manley and Bea Lam. They are at once warm, inviting, and deeply interested in music so a visit is to their room works wonders as a spiritual re-charge.

the dCS stack (and clearly one of my crappier photos)

VTL was showcasing their new S-400 Series II Stereo Reference Balanced Amplifier ($33,500) along with their TL-7.5 Reference Line Preamplifier Series III ($20,000) while a dCS Paganini stack ($55,000 includes SACD player, master clock, upsampler, and DAC) handled the music files, and last but not least a pair of Wilson Alexia loudspeakers ($48,500/pair) poured sweet music into the room.

Bea Lam played an un-mastered track from The Swell Season and it sounded "delicate, finely nuanced, richly textured, and natural".