VOCO and Murfie Announce Lossless Streaming Service

Hardware manufacturer VOCO and online music retailer/streaming service provider Murfie have teamed up to deliver 'Murfie HiFi' a CD-quality streaming service. The Murfie HiFi service consists of music you've either purchased from Murfie or music that was ripped from the CDs you sent to Murfie (at a cost of $1.00/per CD) and the new lossless streaming service only works with VOCO products. From the press release:
The collaboration marks the launch of Murfie's newest streaming service, Murfie HiFi, specifically for VOCO—the first service ever to provide lossless streaming playback online.

"VOCO's mission has always been to provide a top notch music experience, and a partnership with an industry innovator like Murfie furthers that mission,” says CEO and Founder of VOCO Wade Fenn. "Murfie provides an unprecedented service that couples seamlessly with our technology. Streamed music has never sounded better!"

Murfie HiFi costs $99/year but if you sign up now you get the first 3 months free and you need to purchase one of VOCO's voice-controlled streaming music players which start at $299.99. The VOCO network players/streamers offer analog audio out (3.5mm jack), HDMI out, or Toslink S/PDIF output to connect to your hi-fi and they can also access music stored on your computer or NAS. You can also stream from YouTube and TuneIn and all of the VOCO devices can be controlled with voice commands using the free VOCO iOS or Android app.

Murfie, "the planet's largest online CD marketplace", allows you to purchase new and used CDs (starting at $1.00) and either store and stream them, download them in the format of your choice (MP3, AAC, FLAC and ALAC), or have the CD mailed to you for a $2.00 shipping charge. Mufie claims to have "an inventory of 400,000 discs and an average of 8,000 discs added every week." A quick perusal of the site showed a nice and varied selection that includes Einstürzende Neubauten and Bill Dixon!

"Murfie now warehouses nearly 500,000 CDs, all owned by our members. Each disc has been streamable over the Internet at 320kbps with 'Murfie Gold', but only now, with VOCO's exceptional hardware, can our members stream their CDs losslessly - in the full fidelity the artists and engineers intended," echoes Murfie CEO Matt Younkle. "I'm finally able to listen to my entire CD collection from the cloud with zero compromises in music quality."
For more information, check out to the Murfie and VOCO websites.

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" The first service ever to provide lossless streaming playback online."  Really?  I subscribe to Qobuz flac streaming and don't need a special player or the purchase of any cd's.  It is the most satisfying music thing to come along in ages.  I read about a recording here at Audiostream (or anywhere), jump over to my Transporter's Qobuz plug-in and do a search.  Whatever I'm looking for is almost always available.  In one minute or less I'm listening to a flac quality stream.  How cool is that.  The cost is €29 per month - and if I like it and my selection is available in hires I can purchase it after listening to the entire album.  So far, this service is still flying way under the radar(Europe only)but will be available in the U.S. next spring.