Vinnie Rossi LIO Integrated Amplifier (and more)

The Vinnie Rossi LIO Integrated Amplifier (starts at $4875) is a preternaturally modular component as it can start and end life as an integrated amp or add in a DSD DAC (+$895), the Sonore microRendu Power Output (+$345) to power your microRendu turning the package into a Roon Ready end point, a MM/MC phono stage (+$895), and a headphone amp (+$695). All that's left for you to add are a pair of speakers and music. The RMAF model included the directly-heated triode (DHT) linestage option (+$4805), which accounts for its nice glow.

Of course the LIO's real claim to fame, beyond its sound, which Herb Reichert wrote about in Stereophile, is its ultracapacitor-based power. Come to think of it, Herb talks about this too so click that link for more.

Vinnie typically pairs with Harbeth and RMAF 2016 was no exception. This rather simple system sounded simply lovely—all warm, inviting, and easy. Vinnie tends to play music he likes, which I like, and his choices are easy to like.

Coming soon to replace a wall wart power supply near you is Vinnie's new ultracapacitor-based VR Mini (MINI PURE-DC-4EVR) Power Supply ($795 pre-order price, $995 thereafter). Output voltage is set at the factory (3.3Vdc to 12Vdc) with 2.5A continuous output current (max) / 5A transient current delivery (< 1 sec.). microRendu owners take note. Pre-orders are happening now with units shipping by the end of November.

Vinnie Rossi (left) and Walter Swanbon of Fidelis AV, distributor of Harbeth and other brands including my Tellurium Q cables.

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I've never heard the Rossi LIO, but I love it's simple aesthetics. I would love to hear it and maybe own one someday.

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I have a LIO; it's my first high end product so can't compare it but want to state Vinnie is the best. Super helpful, 10 year warranty, and if you upgrade a component module he gives full original price trade in credit. So you can move up as your budget allows