Vancouver Audio Festival 2019 Opening

The tears were starting to roll down my cheeks at the Vancouver Audio Festival Friday night – not because of any sadness – because of the ongoing bouts of deep, rolling belly laughs I was having while connecting with some old friends and new at Hi-Fi Centre during the celebrations at the start of their third annual audiophile and music lovers get together.

Owner Igor Kivritsky and his crew had put together several separate and distinct systems at a variety of price points from the pushing-six-figure variety to the sub-$5,000 kind and everything in between. There were also separate headphone listening stations situated throughout the space with various head-amps and ‘phones for individual sessions and a number of manufacturers representatives on hand including Garth Powell from Audioquest, Dick Diamond from YG Acoustics, Kevin Wolff from Bowers & Wilkins, Will Kline from Sonus Faber, Richard Farris from Audeze and Owen Kwon from Astell & Kern.

Turnout on the Friday eveing opener was brisk and despite the 5 p.m. start time had seen several dozen enthusiasts turning up hours earlier to take in the set-ups curated for the festival – much to the chagrin of staff who were still in the midst of unboxing many components to be used for the weekend of audio and high fidelity comeraderie.

I’ll be covering all the happenings over the weekend at the festival in the days to come, so please check back for more coverage.

Hi-Fi Centre
433 Carrall Street Vancouver, BC V6B 6E3
(888) 232-9995

rugyboogie's picture

Had the intention of just staying for a brief visit....
Took in the McIntosh,Audioquest room, Transparent,and last the JVC room. It was very informative and a brief visit became 4 hrs. Nice to catch up with a few people from the days of Sound Plus.
Nicely done by Alex and team.