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Thank you for the time you are spending with our S.O.t.M. system!

In your first installment you have depicted what I (also) hear when using a Mac as the source. The cable I supplied is UPOCC silver and is well suited for use with the S.O.t.M. server in most systems. There is a UPOCC copper version that I will rush to you as you prepare the server review. You might prefer it with your Mac.

I believe the analog input is a superior way to inject a phono stage into a system. It is absolutely neutral and dead quiet in my system.

It will be very interesting to see what you hear when you test the S.O.t.M. server as a source. You are in a great position to compare the sound of Mac, PC and Linux sources with the hardware you have on hand. I often read comments in forums on this topic but rarely see these comparisons in published journals.—Eric Hudgens, President Tailored Technology, S.O.t.M. distributor

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Now I can like mine better.  

Kidding, of course.

Other than some difficulty getting DSD to work with my Mac mini (although no problems with a Windows 7 machine) and the writing on the remote flaking off, I have been very happy with the sDP-1000.

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Hi "sauerball",

I am not sure what country you are in but I would be glad to help you with your remote control issue.

You can send me a personal message with the contact button at

Eric Hudgens

Tailored Technology

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I auditioned oppo bd-105. mytek 192-DSD and the much hyped Auralic Vega. I heard very little difference between them. The SOTM was easy to distinguish and my loudspeakers "disappered" when playimg back music. Ony con is the np dsd128 support and batteries.....overall much better than Vega..much more transparent, playback with cd's were oustanding! the remoet control was much better than the Auralic

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Is the upsampling using a minimal phase filter vs. tranditional linear phase filter for example such that the sound may be affected?