Urban Fidelity Mini Art Speakers

Some of you may remember Josh Ray from the review site Sonic Flare. Well Josh has moved on to the manufacturing side of the audio house with his recently launched venture Urban Fidelity.

Urban Fidelity got kick-started with a very successful Kickstarter campaign for their floorstanding speakers. As you can see, these $399/pair open-baffle beauties feature artwork on their face making them more than just a pretty...speaker.

Urban Fidelity's next project is a desktop setup called the Mini Art Speakers (price TBD) and they use the same artwork-infused approach as their bigger brothers. And You can help make them happen. From Josh:

...we're competing in a Lexus promo contest for new fun startups. Lexus is awarding $25k to the winners each week as decided by Facebook votes. We're competing from now until Sunday, October 7th.

Mini Art Speakers with matching Subwoofer
I decided to make a desktop computer audio version of our speakers. Also, we're showing a companion subwoofer. Like our big speakers, everything is covered in art, made in LA and eco friendly.

Here's info on our new gear: Lexus Ignition Contest - Mini Art Speakers

And here's where people can vote: www.lexusignition.com

I think Josh is onto something and if you do too, let's get out the vote!

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It looks FR driver is 13€ Visaton FRS8 that is more than 15 years in production. It would be nicer if driver was mounted from the back. Just my 2 cents. SW is similar concept to Visaton's PETIT ORGUE only with 1 driver. Higher crossover frequency and SW placement could be problematic.

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When I was a senior in college I made what some of my roommates says was the first Wavelength product. Windows were 24" square speakers at 4" deep and they were meant to be placed on walls. A single 6.5" Audax woofer and dome tweeter using a xover technique I devised as a project (did a bunch of these). A project at ONU was were you got credit for inventing something. Here I took the VAX 11/780 and used it to measure the drive output using FFT. Don't laugh most of our phones have more power than these room full computers. The AD I was working with was a military 14 bit unit. The output of the electrical and acoutical were put into a program I wrote (ASM/Fortran) that would devise a linear system output for the xover. This was an all pass algorithm that was pretty tasty... If I could cut wood I probably would have made Wavelength a speaker company :)))

I took allot of art classes and one of my Professors saw it and said it would look cool with a painted grill cloth. So she did the work and we used an air gun to make sure the cloth wouldn't resist the air movement of the drivers.

Wish I had pictures of that somewhere?



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Didn't I see a nurse wearing scubs with the same pattern!

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Hey guys, thanks for the support! We're really trying to bring audiophile love to the world of budget speakers. With any luck, we'll convert people into true hi-fi fans :) And a vote for us at www.lexusignition.com is a huge help and much appreciated!

DJ - glad you dig the artwork and I like your idea about reverse mounting. The speakers and sub shown (as well as the drivers and amp) are all in prototype stage, so expect changes when they go into production. The subwoofer is a companion to the desktop speakers and for small rooms. We'll have higher end versions in the future. Our goal right now is to get people excited about hi-fi for the first time in their lives :)

Gordon - man, why didn't I go to your school! Art and audio has always seemed like a natural fit to me, we're really glad our artists are so supportive and dig hi-fi.