Update: Naim products on their way

Coming soon

I just wanted to let readers know that there is some cool gear winging its way to the house for review.

It takes a bit of time to organize product samples for review, but things are starting to happen and I’m super excited for what’s coming down the pipeline.

First up will be the venerable Naim DAC-V1 with a 24/384 USB input, DSD 64/128 playback (along with five digital SPDIF inputs and fixed or variable analog outputs), 40-bit SHARC DSP filtering/oversampling chip and a single-ended, Class-A headphone amplifier.

This is an impressive-sounding piece of kit that I’ve spent time with previously. But I had the pre-DSD version on loan, so having this (updated in 2015) version which is DSD-capable for review will be a real treat.

Second up is the Naim Uniti Atom wireless all-in-one that only needs speakers to be a complete digital-audio system and is kitted out with a 40-watt/channel integrated amplifier, built-in compatibility for Chromecast, AirPlay, Tidal and Spotify, UPnP and features Bluetooth connectivity (aptX HD).

It has digital inputs, analog outputs, storage options, headphone amp, multi-room capability and is Roon Ready.

I’ve not heard much from this unit other than in passing at shows where it was sometimes only on static display, so I’m looking forward to putting it through its paces with a few different speakers to see how it handles multiple digital sources, file types and most importantly if it captures the famous Naim PRaT that I’ve come to expect from their designs over the years.

Stay tuned.

Naim Audio Ltd
Southampton Road, Salisbury, SP1 2LN, England

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Please note that the Naim DAC-V1 presented above is not a new product. It was launched several years ago and we have been contacted by retailers who believe that Naim is now launching its successor after reading the article above.

The upcoming news from Naim is the generation steamers which will be released during the summer starting with the flagship model ND555. More information can be found on Naim's website: https://www.naimaudio.com/network-players

Carl Michael Engvall
Instereo Scandinavia AB
Naim's distributor in Sweden

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Apologies if you misunderstood my post.

I was not inferring that this is a new unit or upgrade, merely that Naim had upgraded the V-1 to handle DSD 64 and DSD 128 from the pre-2015 unit I had on loan previously.

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When using a PC as source, I hope you will have a chance to evaluate the effects of products like the Uptone ISO-Regen/LPS 1.2 & Sonore uRendu of 'cleaning' up the signal into the DAC-V1 USB.

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Is the Aurender N10 and W20, no more PC unless I'm testing/reviewing PC-specific gear like an AudioQuest DragonFly. The I'll use a dedicated Apple MacBook Air.