A trio of Free HD Downloads from Gimell

A big thank you to reader Brian R. for pointing us to three lovely and free downloads from Gimell:
Josquin - Missa De beata virgine and Missa Ave maris stella, The Tallis Scholars
Josquin - Missa Malheur me bat & Missa Fortuna desperata, The Tallis Scholars
Victoria - Lamentations of Jeremiah Victoria, The Tallis Scholars
There is one track from each available for free (just find the one that costs $0 and add it to your cart) and you can even select from a number of file formats including 320k MP3 (who in their right mind would choose that!):

Requires registration but that's a small price to pay. You can find them all on the Gimell Stereo Studio Master Downloads page.

deckeda's picture

but when I saw the popup list here I thought you were joking. Now that's a real selection!

"Stereo for iTunes, "Stereo for Windows Media Player" and so on. <incredulous>What is that, actual consumer education in action?</incredulous> 

Somebody show that to Neil Young, quick. No --- show it to Walt Mossberg instead.