totaldac and Voxativ

the Voxativ 9.87 System (left) and Ampeggio Due

Near the end of Day 3 at the Show, I went back to a few rooms to just sit and listen and the totaldac/Voxativ room was near the top of my just sit and listen list. But first a peculiar fact about the Munich High End Show: it has by far the worst sounding rooms of any show I've ever attended with walls bleeding sound from room-to-room as if they were made of grill cloth, you'll hear lots of horrid audiophile music including many a cover of real (good) music by vapid singers accompanied by acoustic niceties, yet, and this the odd part, the Munich High End Show is by far the best hi-fi show in the world. Go figure.

Regular readers know of my affection for the totaldac DACs and every year at Munich Vinvent Brient of totaldac partners with Holger Adler of Voxativ and together they make beautiful, delicate, nuanced, non-digital-sounding music and this year was no exception.

"You lookin' at me?"