Vincent Brient's totaldacs were in a total of four rooms at Munich 2015. Pictured above is the flagship D1-system-twelve (€39,500 incl VAT) which includes the d1-server music server. The d1-twelve DAC uses 6 discrete resistor R2R ladders per channel, for a total of 12 ladders for the system or roughly 600 Vishay Foil resistors per system.

One system included Analog Domain electronics driving speakers from Göbel High End.

Another very different system used the totaldac d1-tube MK2 DAC (€9900 incl VAT) with Voxativ tube electronics driving the Voxativ full range speakers. Vincent recommends the d1-tube DAC for high efficiency tube-based systems.

Yet another system featured the D1-dual DAC (see review €9900 incl VAT) mated with Analog Domain ISIS electronics and Silberstatic electrostatic speakers.

Not pictured is the d1-twelve DAC mated with Engstrom&Engstrom electronics and Kaiser Acoustics speakers. My guess is Vincent wanted to make the point that his DACs work in all kinds of systems. Point taken.

Of all the systems I heard at Munich 2015, the best sounding totaldac is the one I get to hear at home.