TIDAL MQA support goes Mobile for Android Users

The latest from CES in Las Vegas sees high-resolution streaming audio’s 900-pound gorilla – TIDAL – announce MQA support to their Android App to “Deliver studio quality sound on the move.”

I don’t think it’s inflammatory to say that I want it all and I want it all on my smartphone. Well, at least an Android OS-enabled smartphone… iPhone users (like me) will have to wait a while longer before they can do the TIDAL/MQA dance on their devices, no hard date available, so it’s TBD. "The latest version of the app now features a Core Decoder. MQA Core: The first unfold of the Origami recovers all the direct music-related information and makes it available for either analogue or digital output at 88.2 or 96 kHz."

In an increasingly networked world that is seeing fewer and fewer (literal) strings attached to both our cloud-based visual and audio content – of particular interest to me is the no-strings high-quality audio content – I must say that I’m heartened to hear that more high-resolution options are available to consumers on one single device, rather than having to choose multiple devices to access disparate online music formats for listening.

While MQA continues to be a lightning rod for some in the high-fidelity industry and in the hobby as a whole, I’ve no such axe to grind and welcome all formats to the fold, especially if they can offer sonic benefits. But as always, YMMV. As for TIDAl/MQA support for Apple, I’ll wait patiently.

Press Release Highlights

TIDAL Masters is now available on all Android smartphones, so you can experience studio quality sound with TIDAL Masters wherever you choose to listen.

Global music and entertainment platform, TIDAL, first announced its partnership with MQA at CES in January 2017, after integrating MQA’s award-winning technology into its TIDAL HiFi tier on desktop. MQA captures, packages and delivers the original sound, at the highest quality, and in a file small enough to stream. With the latest update, the TIDAL Android app will now include the MQA decoder.

As listening habits evolve, mainstream audiences are increasingly choosing to stream music and listen on their mobile devices. Mike Jbara, MQA CEO, stated, “We know that most music fans are choosing to stream on their phones. MQA’s view is that you should have the best quality sound regardless of where you’re listening. We’re delighted that, through our ongoing collaboration with TIDAL, access to master quality audio is now expanding across mobile.”

Lior Tibon, TIDAL COO, commented, “This is a major advancement for the audiophile community and TIDAL’s HiFi members. As our platform evolves, our partnership with MQA continues to expand and cements our position as a leader in the High-Fidelity audio space.”

MQA has partnerships with all three major record labels, as well as the independent label community, and the range of master quality music continues to grow rapidly, covering new releases and catalogue recordings.

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Tidal doesn't have enough subscribers to be anything but a niche player in streaming.

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I don’t follow this announcement. I’ve been using my LG V30 to listen to MQA from Tidal since the summer. So what’s new? I update the app and the color of the “M” designation is more prominent, but so what. More important, when is Tidal going to let us search for MQA? Sort of lame we have to randomly hunt around for it.

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It's for ALL Android users now, not just those with a very few, specific models of phone.
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Got it thx. Still now way to search for MQA?

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When I listen to an MQA track on Tidal through my LG V30 I see the M or Master designation, but I don’t see info re resolution or sample rate. I’m seeing other people post screen shots showing that info. Is that something not available on th LG or something else.

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Plenty of Android based daps out there. Wll this update work for them?