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"Muscular and punchy" read my notes from my time in the Tidal Audio room. The bruisers responsible for this reaction were the Tidal Audio Piano Cera loudspeakers ($23,900 in midnight black gloss piano lacer) and their partner in crime the Tidal Audio Impact amplifier ($25,990 and I swear I didn't know it was called that until just now or if I did, I'd forgotten). The Tidal Audio Preos preamp ($28,990 w/phono stage) took its cues from the dCS Puccini ($17,999) / dCS UClock ($4,999) combo being fed its digits by a MacBook Pro running Pure Music. Everything was tied up in Kubala-Sonsna cable.

One of the two very affable guys working the Tidal room was Daniel R. Barnum, Tidal's Western US Distributor, and I bring this up because Daniel remembered that we'd met back in 2008 at CES. Which is fairly impressive. Daniel also remembered that I enjoy guitar players and the music they make so he played me some guitar-heavy music which was not only impressive but plain old considerate. Nice, even. I mean, I couldn't even remember the name of that guitar player later that same day (it was Nguyen Le).

But what does this have to with computer audio? I bring this up because this is, in the end, a human hobby whose main concern is the enjoyment of music and personable people reinforce this as well as the other fact about hi-fi in general—we're here to enjoy ourselves. Some people get that, like Daniel, and other people don't like every one of those people who get angry about anything to do with hi-fi that has nothing to with them.

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Thanks for the coming into the room, Michael. It is always a joy to reconnect with music lovers!

I wanted to make quick correction, in that Sphere Audio Systems is TIDAL's western US dealer. TIDAL USA, Tidal's own distribution, is the North American Distributor.

The name of the Nguyen Le's album was "Songs of Freedom" a compilation of the music he grew up listening to. I had a good time with this album at the show. Several showgoers enjoyed his Led Zeppelin covers.


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