I had an opportunity to meet with (from left to right) David Solomon, Director of Sales and Marketing USA, Pal Bratelund, Strategic Partnership Manager, and Peter Tonstad, Chief Commercial Officer of Tidal. Tidal is the new name for the Oslo, Norway-based WiMP and their very exciting losslesss streaming service. That's right, another CD-quality streaming service is gearing up for a launch in the USA.

Tidal has already announced partnerships with more than a dozen hardware manufacturers who have incorporated the Tidal/WiMP service in their products including Bluesound, Auralic, and Electrocompaniet. The notion of buying a hi-fi component and getting immediate access to a multi-million album library in CD-quality for about $20/month is enticing, to put it mildly. Tidal claims access to over 25 million tracks and if that doesn't get your music jones jonesin' I don't know what will.

I think its safe to say two things; keep an eye out for higher quality streaming in our not-too-distant future and lossless streaming services like Tidal are going to change the way we consume and listen to music.