Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cable

Device Type: Speaker Cable
Availability: Authorized Dealers and direct from Tellurium Q
Price: £54 per linear metre (original Black was £50 per linear metre)

As plain as day. That's what I have to say about the differences I hear between the original Tellurium Q Black speaker cable, which I own, and the new Black II. What's more, I clearly prefer the Black II. </review>?

While there's not a fount of information on the differences between the Black and Black II in terms of what they're made of and why this would impact perceived sound quality, Tellurium Q does talk about their approach to making cables on their website in some detail. Here's a favorite bit:

Once you accept the fact that your audio system is acting as multiple electronic filters smudging your music, then you have a choice:
a. Forget the cable is an electronic filter (completely in the face of science) and compromise by having a smeared sound or
b. Do something about it and engineer as clear and phase neutral a path for the signal as possible to get the most transparent sound that current technology will allow and preserve the original signal phase relations as much as possible.
The only way to know if a cable makes a difference in an audio system is to put it in an audio system. Shy of that, you're just making stuff up. As experience dictates, I enjoy putting things into my system and listening to determine preference. In this review, this is my focus—do I prefer the Black or the Black II?

Seeing as I've already answered that question, the Black II are clearly better, I'll dig in a bit deeper. Just for fun.

Since a cable is part of a system, how that cable 'sounds' will depend on the system it's put into (cables don't 'sound' like anything on their own). Therefore, if you have a system something like mine, you can assume the Tellurium Q Black cables will perform along the lines of what I'm hearing. If your system varies greatly from mine, i.e. you use real manly-men über high-power amplifiers to drive your power-hungry speakers, you may not hear something similar to what I'm hearing. Or you might.

Here's the best advice I can offer to everyone in need of cables for their hi-fi—narrow down your choices (however you like) and audition your finalists in your system.

The Tellurium Q Black II speaker cables better the original Black in a number of important areas. The first aspect of these differences I noted was a more dynamic presentation. Impactful music, like the "I'm loving this record" Have fun by Smerz, exhibits greater impact from the opening wallop on opener "Worth It". The degree to which the II convey this improved slam-ability over the Black made me sit up straighter in my red Eames LCW, which in and of itself promotes good posture, and think "Wow!"

Music from Hank Williams, I've been listening to "My Bucket's Got A Hole In It" on near-infinite repeat (because I think my bucket's got a hole in it), to Ciccolini's take on Satie's L'Oeuvre Pour Piano, to The Music of Harry Partch, Burial, The Breeders, Luigi Nono's Como una ola de fuerza y luz, Autechre, Nathan Abshire, and many more, also benefited from the Black II's cleaner and clearer presentation. While on the subtle side if you're not really paying attention, these changes made music flow more naturally and sing out truer. A. Clear. Improvement.

In terms of a comparative review, this one is a no-brainer—the Tellurium Q Black II offer improved performance over the original Black in significant ways, making music more compelling. What more can you ask for?


Truth be told, I'm not a 'cable guy'. I do my research, try my final selection(s) in my system, and decide. Once that decision is made, I then purchase an entire loom of my choice so I can wire up my entire system with cables from the same manufacturer. The idea of trying various cables from various manufacturers in various points in my system is second only to the prospect of trying different toenail fungus medications with life-threatening side-effects (I do not have toenail fungus) on my list of things I'd rather never do.

As you can read in my system details, I own and use Tellurium Q Black throughout which includes USB, AES, RCA, and XLRs in addition to the Black speaker cables.

Update: Make that the Black II speaker cables.

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