Technics TRACKS packs it in

Technics TRACKS packs it in

I wasn’t personally a member of Technics TRACKS, their hosted, high-resolution music download service that was a going concern for those hyped on loading up hard drives, but word came rather abruptly yesterday (for some) that they had pulled the plug on the service.

What Hi-Fi? reported back in April that the company was looking at discontinuing the service and that anyone with vouchers for high-res downloads had better use them by May 31, 2018.

But a press release that went out quietly yesterday (always “quietly” when pressers go out on weekend) said that was that. A quick check of the site confirmed that the juice was dry.

Technics did say that those with existing log-ins can sign into 7digital to access HD content.

Below is the company’s press release:

This is our final goodbye.

As you might already know, following the market developments of streaming and downloading services we have decided to discontinue the Technics TRACKS platform.

Technics TRACKS would like to personally thank you for your constant support and loyalty.  It’s been three years since Technics TRACKS was launched in 2015 to provide a consistent high-end audio experience. In that time, Technics TRACKS managed to attract and to gain the respect of a community of distinguished music lovers.

Even though our music download service is ending, we trust in your loyal fellowship in our Technics products as we will continuously launch highlights in the high-end music sector.

Furthermore Technics TRACKS has reached an agreement to further host the platform at the digital music and radio service “7digital”. Registered users on Technics TRACKS can sign up with their login data for the 7digital platform to access high-resolution music.

So this is the final curtain call.

Thank you for supporting Technics TRACKS.